6 Simple Ways to Make a Good First Impression Online

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The medium you choose in order to make a good first impression online is totally up to you. You have the choice and you control when and how you create your impression. This article deals with ways to make your first impression a good one. The idea behind making a good first impression is so that you may comfortably make subsequent impressions on the same people–that is what this article will help you to do too.


1 – Lots of images on whatever medium you choose

The Internet does not have enough pictures. This may come as surprise to you if you have ever gone onto Google images and typed in the word “funny” followed by any other word. But, think about social media profiles, blogs, articles, etc, they only tend to have one or two pictures. Do not make this mistake when trying to make your first impression. Add lots of pictures. At least add more than three to whatever medium you have chosen to make your first impression with.

2 – Create a logo or tag line and make sure it is visible

This is something you can do if you want to lay the groundwork for subsequent communications. If you are going to make a good impression then link that good impression to something recognizable. They may not remember the content of your post, speak or whatever, but they may remember your tag line or your logo.

3 – Know who you are making an impression on

Knowing your target audience is a big deal, and it is especially important on the Internet when your potential audience is so vast. Learn who you are making an impression on, or better still you can plan who you are going to make your impression on. You can choose a target audience and then angle your first impression to suit that audience.

4 – Plan your online intercourse

Planning is going to play a big part in how well your first impression goes and how well your later communications are going to go. Ideally, you need to have a short and long term plan. You need a short term plan for your first impression and a long term plan for your future communications (making sure your short and long term goals are compatible). For example, a short term goal of giving people the key to success may not work well over a long period of communications because you either have to hold back the secret (which will annoy people), or give it up and hope people come back (which is going to be difficult).

When you create your short term plan for your first impression, it is imperative that you have a goal. Your first impression must have a goal and that goal must fit in with your long term plan. This will help you to decide what type of a reputation you would also like to build. If you can measure the results of your short-term/first plan then you are going to be able to adjust subsequent plans and improve them.

5 – Match your vocabulary and tone to your audience

This is a nice way of saying talk like your audience, but that is not the best idea. If you are a doctor trying to make an impression on a bunch of hillbillies, then creating an impression that states you can hit a spittoon from ten feet away is not a good idea. What you should do is create a suitable tone and then use suitable vocabulary. If you were a doctor trying to make an impression on hillbillies, then don’t talk about how your daddy went to the poky. On the other hand do not use words such as “diaphoresis” when you could use the word “sweating” instead.

6 – Be prepared to turn people away

One notion that a lot of online users cannot stomach is that you cannot be all things to all people. This means that there are some people out there who are instantly going to dislike you, your look, your tone, your comments, content and actions. Better still, there are going to be more reasons for this than you can count in an hour. The idea is to not be upset by this, and do not ignore it. Instead you must embrace it.

The best example is with car adverts. People selling cars want everybody to look at their adverts and associated pages, but good adverts know that some people have to be scared off. That is why they will add a price to the advert. It will scare some people off and that is the intention. Poor advert writers will try to make the user fall in love with that car before hitting them with the price, but that serves nobody. You need to realize and embrace the fact that some people are not going to like you.

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