6 Tips for Finding the Best WordPress Hosting

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WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. It is responsible for 17% of all the websites in the world. Compared to other content management system programs, this is the king; it is the Facebook of the CMS world. So, if you are going to have a WordPress blog or website, you are going to want hosting. WordPress does not give away WordPress hosting for free like Blogger does. You have to buy it yourself. But, do not worry as it is not a tricky concept, especially if you are using WordPress.

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What is putting a website on a host all about?

All you are doing is putting your website on a server that is constantly (almost) connected to the Internet. This will mean that other people may access it to see it. If you designed your own website then you would have to deal with FTP and stuff of that ilk, but since you are using WordPress it is easy and if you need a tutorial on how to start hosting your website then there are hundreds online. Here are a few tips to help you find the good WordPress host.

1 – You do not need to start big, start small and work upwards if you must

You may have big ideas and big dreams. You may feel that you need a lot of website space on the host and a lot of bandwidth so that millions of people can visit your blog. But, the chances are that your website or blog is going to spend most of its time deserted. So, start small with a smaller hosting package, and if you make it big then you can upgrade your service for more hosting space and more bandwidth. This will also save you a lot more money and you will have less to lose if your website or blog is a bust.

2 – 1 out of every 6 websites is a WordPress one, so get referrals

This is a true statistic, so you can imagine how many billions of WordPress websites there are out there. This means that a lot of people have got WordPress hosting, so getting referrals should be quite easy. If you are on Facebook then start asking people or you may find people you can trust on LinkedIN. It is not a good idea to go looking for positive reviews, as the companies write them themselves, but a referral may be okay if you trust the person who gives it.

3 – Security is a big factor, so a secure host is vital

WordPress is very popular, so it is in the interest of the hacking community to attack WordPress and make viruses and tools to attack it. They may try to attack from the front (a head on attack) by gaining access to your WordPress content management system. But, they may also gain access via the back door by hacking your server. That is why your host needs to take security very seriously in order to make sure your website stays secure from both ends.

4 – One that is paid and has a clear code of conduct

This means you should not go for a free host. There are no known free “WordPress” hosts that do not come with some sort of catch. So go for one that is a paid service, and make sure they are an established company that has a clear code of conduct. The last thing you want is a hosting service from a company that has changed its name four times in the last two years. Get with a host that is established and trusted and that is not as likely to go bust or act without principles.

5 – One that will not charge you the earth to upgrade

This is a cute little trick the hosting services try. They will give you a very low starting rate so that you join them and so that they appear to be the cheapest on comparison sites. Then, when you want to upgrade your service for most hosting space, services or bandwidth, they will charge you a lot of money to make up for the discounted starter system. This is a very common trick that fools a lot of people so be wary of it.

6 – One that should not have hundreds of bad reviews online

The good reviews are writing by the company most of the time. The bad reviews are often the most real. Look online for reviews that say the same thing repeatedly. People tend to have individual bad times that you cannot blame the host for, but if the same complaint appears a lot of times then you can assume it is close to the truth. For example, a lot of people may complain that their email service goes down a lot, which probably means that it does go down quite often.

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