7 Ways to Manage Comments on Your Site (Without Losing Your Mind)

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If you have a popular blog then you may get a lot of comments. It is possible to have a blog that is popular and still get very few comments, and that is not a bad thing as most pleased readers will simply leave the site and await next weeks post. If you are getting a lot of comments then it may mean that people are unhappy or concerned about your topics. It may even be that they enjoy going onto your blog so that they may cause trouble. If you are getting a lot of negative comments then you can embrace them, as it is a form of publicity. If you are not too happy about them then consider the content of your blog posts and how they may be affecting your commenters.

Manage Comments

1 – Instigate a comment policy so people know what is what

If you do not have a comment policy then people are left to their own devices when it comes to commenting. You may feel that swearing is wrong, but if you do not mention that fact via a comment policy then how are people going to know it is a wrong thing. You may also stop people from doing things such as posting links or being offensive. If you mention on your comment policy that you delete links from your comment section, then people may stop putting them on there. Setting out the rules will make some people conform.

2 – Take part in the comments of your page and set the tone

Setting the tone of your comment section may help to stop conversations taking a certain route. In other words, if you start the ball rolling with a comment that has more “F”s and “B”s than a song about fluffy flubber, then people are going to join suit. If another person starts your comment section with a similar comment than others will follow. That is why it is a good idea to set to tone of your comments so that next week you will not have to go back to the week before to delete most of the comments.

3 – Learn how to ban users and/or have them set up accounts

There are ways you can ban people from seeing your website. It is not advisable that you do it with cookies or that you ban IP addresses. But there are ways of doing it and you should learn. You may have people set up accounts so that they may comment. Doing this will allow you to ban accounts, thereby putting at least a temporary halt on the workings of your less desirable commenter.

4 – Tell people it is a no-follow blog comment section

Some people are just going the comment so they may put in a link to their website. This is what they do so that they may enjoy backlinks. They may do it with spam comments or may do it with real comments they created on their own. The point is that if you tell them the comment section is designated no-follow then the people that add links will stop doing it.

5 – Moderate your comments and enjoy it

The easiest way to manage your comments is to simply moderate them yourself. After all, they are talking about a post that you created, so it is not as if they are writing about something alien to you. You can learn to love reading and moderating your comments.

6 – Add measures but only use Captcha if you are desperate

You can add measures to stop spam bots, but consider others before you add a Captcha program. Captcha is annoying and if you get it wrong the first time then it is frustrating. There are other programs out there that help you stop spam bots. There are some that put invisible sections into the comment section. A human user does not fill them out but a spam bot does, which the software uses in order to block a comment. That sort of thing is far better than using a Captcha device which is only going to put people off of commenting on your blog.

7 – You may be able to download a plugin to manage comments

If you are using a content management system, then there is a chance that you can download and use one of their many comment management systems. How you choose to do this is up to you, but remember that the more difficult you make it to comment then the less likely that people will. The more barriers or processes that you put in place then the more likely it is that people are not going to bother. Some people do feel like commenting on comment sections but their will is paper thin. Even the inconvenience of a Captcha program is going to put them off.

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