Matt Cutts About Guest Blogging For Links

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Noble guest blogging, which originated after the introduction of Google Page Rank, has long lost its former glory and became a guest blogging for links. Thus, from the noble occupation it became just part of link building strategy.

Google is indignant. Guest bloggers are in danger. Many of us have felt the strength and power of the Penguin 2.0. Just one question on everyone’s lips: How Google refers to a guest blogging for links and what he would do with us, mere bloggers?


These questions are answered by Matt Cutts, main member of the Search Quality team in Google.

Matt Cutts talks about his (read: Google) view on the problem of guest blogging for links (Videos)

In the first video Matt answered the question “What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?”



Answer is  – good, but only if you’re a high quality writer like Lisa Barone, Vanessa Fox or Danny Sullivan. So, you have to bring a lot of insight and knowledge to the reader. But:

 “…sometimes it gets taken to extremes. And you’ll see people writing, you know, offering the same blog post multiple times. Or spinning the blog post and offering it to multiple outlets. Where it almost becomes like, almost like low-quality article bank sort of stuff”.

 I think you understand what he says. It can be concluded that the quality, originality, uniqueness will become much more important, while the number of links will fall by the wayside. Spamming guest bloggers will be punished.

The second video is called “Does Google take action on spammy guest blogging activities?”

This video is, most likely, for blog owners. Question was:

Currently, guest blogging is the favorite activity of webmasters for link acquisition. Due to its easy nature, lots of spammy activities are going on like article spinning etc. Is Google going to hammer websites for links acquired by guest blogging?”



The short Matt’s answer is YES, Google does. Which indicators are important:

  • article spinning, low quality articles:

    “If you are doing so many guests blogs that you are
    doing article spinning, and likewise if you’re allowing so
    many guest bloggers that they allow things like spun blogs,
    where people aren’t really writing real content of their
    own, then that is a pretty bad indicator of quality.

  • low quality outbound links:

    “And if your website links to sites that we consider low
    quality or spammy, that can affect your site’s reputation.”

Matt also voiced the main Google requires for each blogger and guest blogger who accept or do guest blogging for links:

“You always, as the site owner or as the person who’s trying to get links, have to think about the quality of the links, the quality of the content, the amount of work that is put into it, and fundamentally whether users are going to be happy if they land on that page.”

What do you think about it the future of guest blogging for links?

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