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Korah Morrison, experienced guest blogger and blogger. You can see her publications on many famous blogs like KISSMetrics, ShoutMeLoud, ProBlogger etc.

30 things you need to do to work at Google

work at Google

Every online marketer at least once in his life dreamed to work at Google. And you? I already know the answer =) Sooooo, you should do to have a dream job? Only 30 things.

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Best blogs for students: what to read?

student blog

As a student, I know how important it is to always be aware of everything that’s going on. You will find a lot of niche blogs online that cover matters that students are interested in. Here is a nice selection of blogs that students (and I am, actually) may find useful or informative (maybe even entertaining). Enjoy!

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7 Tips for Busy Bloggers on Finding Time to Blog

time to blog

Not finding the time to do something is just an excuse. After all, if you cannot find time to blog then you cannot technically find time for any distraction in your day, in which case your phone should stay in your pocket all day until it rings (you know it won’t). Here are a few tips for those people who have a terminal case of the excuses-blues.

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7 Ways to Protect Your Site Against Next Google Update

Next Google Update

Isn’t this like saying you want to protect yourself against the next act of god? After all, how can you protect yourself against something you cannot predict? In truth you cannot protect yourself against something you cannot predict, but you can use previous experience to try and move forwards. Just do not turn into one of those software companies who create yearly guidelines on just how many unexpected problems are tolerable (a true Scott Adams type situation).

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7 Basic Features Every Good Web Host Should Offer

Good Web Host

The last few days I had a lot of problems with my hosting, so this question is very important for me. So, what is good web host?

A good web host has very little obligation to give you a good service. The amount of competition online has made some web hosts give a better deal, but comparison sites have meant hosts have started resorting to sleazy tricks just to be seen as the one at the top of the list. Here are seven features that every web hosting service should offer.

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