Becoming A Blogger … by Thomas Stocks

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Are you thinking of becoming a blogger from scratch or restarting an old hobby? If you are then you might be interested in some tips.
First, you need to consider what you want to use your blog for. Do you want to attract a strong audience to your blog? Or do you just want to be a personal blogger and use it as a personal diary-type blog?

becoming a blogger

What every Blogger-Beginner should know

If you are looking to attract as many regular visitors as possible, you will need to find your niche. By this we mean a topic of your choice, which interests both you and your reader. A few examples of this include social media, travel or technology, but of course it is entirely up to you.

Once you have decided a niche to blog about, you need to discover a flow of writing that is both engaging and informative and one that will appeal to more than just a few readers. You’re not going to turn into a blogger overnight, but it takes commitment as engagement with your audience to understand what it is that they like. Once you build up your audience, you could even begin to offer your services as a freelance blogger , but that may take some time. You will need to get the basics right first.

If you want to blog about random ideas and thoughts that you have and use it as a diary-type blog, then there is no guarantee that you won’t attract an audience, it could prove to be a very popular blog, but it might only appeal to a select few that are interested in your life. Until you set it up and get writing you won’t know.

If you have dabbled in blogging before but are thinking of picking it back up again then it might prove easier for you than if you were to start off from scratch, but it will still take some effort. You may have tried writing about a topic before but it may or may not have been successful, but this is your second bite of the cherry to produce writing that is a big hit. You could retry the previous topic or attempt a new one altogether, again … that’s entirely up to you.

It is very rare though that your blog will grow an audience through writing solely on the blog. There are a number of other things you should do to raise awareness of your skills and your blog. We have listed a few things that might help you turn your blog from an average one, into a great one.

Be social – Make sure you post your most recent blog articles, or the link, onto social networking sites. People will read them, and the more that do, the bigger your audience will be.

Read other blogs – Reading other blogs that are both similar and completely different to your own will help you to learn and to improve your own style.

Look for tips – Similar to this article, look for what people are saying about blogging. Read about the latest tips and advice that will help you improve your blog.

Visit news websites – News is always changing and there are always stories that you could find an idea from or write an opinion about, so keep up to date with the latest news.

Now you have all the ammunition you need to start or restart your blog and blogger career, so good luck and enjoy blogging!

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