Best Blogging Sites for Bloggers, or What to Read

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Being a Blogger is not as easy as it seems. You should not only have an excellent writing skills, but also you should understand SEO, Web Design, Marketing, Psychology … This list has no end in sight. That is why it is important to stay abreast of the latest developments and always keep an eye on innovations. Thank God, there are best blogging sites that will help you constantly be in the trend and keep up with the rest of the world. Below I present to you the list of best blogging sites, in my humble opinion. Enjoy!

best blogging sites

best blogging sites

1. – #1 Blogging Site

ProBlogger was created by Darren Rowse, professional blogger who are living on money from his blogs. On his wonderful blogging site you can find ‘wagon’ of useful information: posts, books and workbooks, videos, webinars.
Unfortunately, ProBlogger is no longer accepts guest blogging submission. The last time I tried to offer the post, I received the following letter:

Hi Korah,
Thanks very much for your submission enquiry.

Unfortunately, in the last few days, we’ve changed our content strategy at ProBlogger and that change means we are no longer accepting guest posts.

Thanks for your interest. I’m sorry we can’t consider your post,

It’s a thousand pities!

2. CopyBlogger – Best Blogging Site about Content Marketing

CopyBlogger is a corporate blogging site, which created not by bloggers-amateurs, but by experts in their field. Copyblogger has been teaching people since 2006, and Copyblogger founder, Brian Clark, has been building online marketing businesses before anyone even used that word. On their About Page mentioned that Copyblogger is the most popular writing and content marketing blog in the world! Hmmm… it is quite possible.
On CopyBlogger you can find articles, ebooks, webinars and seminars, forum and blog… Subscribe, read and use all of this knowledge.

3. – Tips for Bloggers

Under QOT ‘Blogging Tips’ category there is useful and ‘fresh’ how-to information for every blogger. ‘How to increase your blog traffic’, ‘how to make your blog user-friendly’, and much more.


DailyBlogTips is a great blogging site that covers all aspects of blogging: Blog Design, link building, blog strategy, content marketing and more.

5. – Best Blogging Site for PRO Bloggers

It is great blogging site for every blogger. BloggingPro not only offers useful information about blogging, WordPress themes, etc, but it also works on the principle of MyBlogGuest – on the Job Board it offers job for bloggers and give an opportunity to monetize their skills.
Also BloggingPro still accepts guest posts.


Under SmashingMagazine ‘WordPress’ category you can find tons of information about WordPress, WordPress themes, WordPress security, WordPress plugins, and more.

7. Successful Blog by Liz Strauss

Successful Blog was created by Liz Strauss, social web strategist and community builder. Lizz (as I am on Blogoloola) shares on her blog own blogging experience, tells on how drive traffic and gain the loyalty of visitors.

8. JohnChow Blog

Who is John Chow? To find the answer you can watch the video on the About page =) Chow is experienced blogger, entrepreneur and speaker. The main blog idea is how to make money on blogging and how to monetize your blog. If your goal is to make money – then this blog is perfect for you =)

9. The Moz Blog

Perhaps, every blogger and link builder knows The Moz Blog, where we have great Content and Blogging category. All authors on this blog are experts in their field and their views need to be learned.


The last but not least, Shareaholic blog. On this blog you can see the practical tips on how to attract and retain visitors, how to work with content, how to become visible in social networks, and more.

What blogs do you like? Share your experience with us!

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