Best blogs for students: what to read?

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As a student, I know how important it is to always be aware of everything that’s going on. You will find a lot of niche blogs online that cover matters that students are interested in. Here is a nice selection of blogs that students (and I am, actually) may find useful or informative (maybe even entertaining). Enjoy!

student blog

New York Times’ education blog

This is a good blog for students, who are looking to go into journalism, or for students who are looking up how to put together a good CV, the range of subjects it covers is a little limited, but things such as advice for a college application are quite good.

The Lindsey Pollak blog

Lindsay in an author who has a blog. She has advice on things such as maintaining your social media network profiles and things such as networking and looking for jobs. It is not a bad blog for students who are looking to advance a little.

Essaymama Blog

Essaymama is an essay writing service. And they have their own blog where proffesional writers share their secrets about on how to write different types of essays: MLA, MBA, research, thesis and so on. If you are in need of this kind of information – welcome.

The Fast Company blog

They cover a few topics on their blog such as economics, design, business innovations. It is quite a varied blog that has a few followers at the moment. They have a few decent writers on staff too that some students are going to find interesting.

This is just a blog for students who like to keep up with fashions. It claims that it is all about student fashion, but it is such a wide ranging subject that it is a bit of an exaggeration. Basically it is about fashions that students may be interested in.

Study Hacks

The marketing blurb for this blog is that it decodes patterns of success, but what it really means is that it has observations in it that may help you do better in college. It has advice on ways of studying and taking notes, as well as other observations on what helps a student do better in college.

This is a blog that helps a student apply for an internship. It gives advice on how to do it and how to make the most of it.


This is a blog that helps you to decorate your dorm. It may not seem like the most fantastic idea for a blog, as the students are not going to be in their dorms for very long. But, it does have some interesting articles that may stir the imagination of some.

Office-Politics Blog

This is a blog that will help a student survive the cutthroat professional world. In reality the truly helpful advice if few and far between, but it is still infinitely more helpful than the stuff students are going to read elsewhere or hear from people.

This is a blog that is based around stories from people that make interesting articles. They can be about anything from décor to career advice and other such matters. It is an interesting blog for female students.

Grad Guide Blog

This is a blog about being the graduate that employers are looking for. It gives you tips and advice that has been written by graduates of different calibers and backgrounds. It makes an interesting bit of reading for students prior to them graduating.

Oh It’s Scott Bryan!

Not really a great blog, but it seems to have a bit of a niche college following at the moment. It reviews things such as TV shows and things that happen in the news. It is full of stuff that most people are not going to find interesting, but credit to the kid for trying and for gaining the college audience that he has.

Steve Bromley’s UX Blog

This is a blog by a computer nerd that has been created by a student with too much time on his hands. It does have some educational value for people who are looking to design computer games as a career and living. Even designers (especially designers) are blind to certain obvious truths, which this blog may uncover (although most seems by accident).

Laura Patricia blog

Bless her and her fluffy dog. This blog features a number of articles by an English graduate. It is something that shows people what they can do if they work hard. It also has things she wrote in order to entertain the readers too, such as her short stories.

Aimee Croysdill blog

Not a blog for everybody, but is very handy for students who are looking at getting into the fashion industry. It shows you her experiences in the fashion industry, and may even help you figure out what to expect if you are going into the world of fashion.

It is actually a blog about one person’s reflections on books and movies, but the posts are a little more thought out. The writer is no more right or wrong than any other blog writer, but students do tend to find the posts interesting, even if it is just as a way of finding ideas for new books to read.

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