Collection of the Best ScreenCast Tools for Screen Recording

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Here is a nice collection of ScreenCast tools. They are used for recording your computer screen, and they are often used for creating tutorials. A person is able to record what is happening on the screen, and most ScreenCast tools will also allow a person to record their own voice from the microphone in sync with the video.

ScreenCast Tools

A quick word of warning, you should be very careful when downloading any tool of this nature. Downloadable tools are well known for being hacker constructs. They are a great way of getting a piece of malware onto your computer. So be very careful about what you download, and that includes the tools you read on this list. They may be okay day at the time of writing, but they may be bought out by a more nefarious company tomorrow, so be critical, cautions and skeptical of what you see, read or hear.

Here are a few screen cast tools that you may find useful if you want to create your own tutorial or want to create a video that has a screen recording. It is similar to taking a screen print, except that it is more like a screen video.


It will capture screen activity and then save it for you on an AVI video. AVI is the most basic of video formats, which also means it is one of the easiest to convert into other file types. It also means that you can create a video with very small dimensions and it may still be watched. This is a silent tracker, which means it will not generate sound on the video either from the applications playing or through the microphone.


This allows you to record a screen cast and then play it back and edit it. You may do some fun things to it too, such as drawing on it and adding notes. You can add notes and page functions to the video, which is what makes it ideal for creating tutorials. You may then take the video, send it via email, and add it onto IM messaging chats. It is easy enough for most people to use, and is capable of creating some very nice videos.


If you have gone looking for this sort of tool in the past, then you may have heard of this one. That is not to say that it is any better than the other screen casters on this article. They have just done a slightly better job of spreading the word about their program. It saves in AVI and you may export it to SWF if you wish. You can capture images and video, and it will also record sound. The interface is easy to use too.


The biggest selling point about this tool is that it does not have any bandwidth limitations. If you are a bit of a technical whiz, then that fact may matter to you. If not, then you will be pleased to learn that with this program you may record your screen casts, you may edit them with the tool and you may even protect them with a password. You may even download and upload your videos to various online areas/places.


Named after a sandwich in a New Jersey deli, this is a free screen casting program that is only available for the Apple Mac. It is good for making very quick videos, which some may find ideal if they are using it for recording parts of online video chats. It is very quick to save to the point where it will even save your video on the RAM of the computer, so that you can have very quick access to it when you need it.


This is a program that is able to record videos and record your voice via a microphone at the same time. It works for both Windows operating systems and Mac operating systems. It is a very simple recorder that has stripped itself down to just the basics for ease of use. It is free but only allows you to record in five minute intervals. This may disappoint some people, but it does make it highly suitable for people who need quick videos with the minimum of fuss.


This tool was designed to help people create their own screen casts, and like most of the screen casters–it is made from JavaScript coding. This one is interesting but a little risky. It will record videos of the stuff on your screen, and some people have gotten it to record the sound that the applications make as oppose to just that coming from the microphone. That is why it is risky, because it has made the host website into hacker bait. The device is quite simple (if not primitive) which means that your virus checker will find it easier to see if a virus has been added to the download.

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