Wanna Best WordPress Plugin for Comments? Check This List!

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Today we talk about WordPress plugin for comments, which will help your comments to become more beautiful and functional. The WordPress plugins, listed below, are your best helpers in your comments optimisation process.

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Choose Your WordPress Plugin For Comments

1. Comment Redirect – plugin for comments that redirects blog user, which left the first comment, to specific page. You can download the plugin here.
 Download the plugin to wp-content/plugins folder on your server and activate it. Then you need to create a new page on your blog where you’ll thank people for leaving a comment on the blog. This page should not appear in the main menu, in the blog, as well as appearing in the site map.
For this, you need another plug-in. It is called Exclude Pages from Navigation.
Exclude Pages from Navigation – is a plugin that allows you to exclude certain pages from the blog navigation menu. You can download it here. After you install this plug-in, in the page editor will appear this option – Exclude Pages:

Now, when you add a new page to the blog, you can exclude it from the blog navigation turning off a tick in the checkbox. If the check box is enabled, the page will be included in the menu.
Now you need to delete this page from your site map.
Now go to the Comment Redirect plugin settings and enter the page you want people to be forwarded after the first comment on your blog.

2. Highlight Author Comments – plug-in that highlights comments on your blog, written by you (the author of the blog). You can download the plugin here.
After installation, go to Highlight Comments settings in the admin panel and adjust your style of comments on your taste.

3. WP Comment Quicktags Plus – plug-in extends the comment form using text formatting buttons. You can download the plugin here. After you install and activate the plugin paste this code in comments.php, to display the buttons:
 1 <? Php if (function_exists (wp_comment_quicktags_plus)) {wp_comment_quicktags_plus ();}?>
To change the button style, font, color, etc. you need to open the style.css file and make some necessary changes.

4. WordPress Thread Comment – plugin for comments that allows you to display comments on the blog in the tree form. Download here.

5. Easy Gravatars – plug-in that allows you to insert avatars in the comments. Here you can find it.

6. Subscribe to comments – plugin for subscribe to WordPress comments. For download click here.

7. Filosofo Comments Preview – plugin that will allow users to preview the comments before sending it. You can download it here.

8. TinyMCEComments – this plugin for comments changes the normal field for commenting to small text editor. Download here.

9. Edit Comments XT – plugin that allows users to edit their blog comments. Click here to download.

10. Minimum Comment Length – Plugin forbids to leave too short comments on the blog (like great!, cool! etc.) Download here

11. Thank Me Later – Plugin for sending e-mail message to thank everyone who left a comment on your blog. Download here.

12.Comment Info Detector – plugin for comments that displays in the comments information about the user: country, operating system and browser. You can downlooad this plugin here.

13. Comment-Emailer – plugin for comments that sends a notification to the person that his comment is approved. Download here.

14. Comment Validation – plugin for error notifications. If the person filled out some field incorrectly, the plugin will highlight this field. You can download it here

15. Comment Rating – plugin that displays a score for each comment. Download here.

16. Paginated Comments – plugin that will allow you to break the comment feed to several pages. Click here to download.

17. Whisper – plugin for comments that restricts access to the commentary for some users. Click here to download.

Here you can read about other extra-useful WordPress plugins.

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