Blog Readers: How To Make Your Blog Readable

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How to make your blog readable, popular and how to get more blog readers?An audience for your blog doesn’t appear overnight, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth pursuing. Here’s a look at three strategies that can help you build a strong, captivated readership and get your blog readers.

blog readers how to make your blog readable

Building an audience of blog readers with blog content

You can’t build an audience of loyal blog readers without providing value. A great way to offer value to blog readers is to post intriguing, informative content. (P.S.: more info you can find the article “How To Be Creative And Productive Writer And Create First-Class Content“)

One of the most important aspects of your content is your headline. Statistic shows that 80% of people will read your headline and only 20% of blog readers will read the whole post. That’s why 50% of your emphasis when writing should be on your headline’s quality.

What are some headline formulas that works?

  •  What Everybody Ought to Know About …
  •  Little Known Ways to …
  •  Get Rid of [problem] Once and for All

When writing the rest of your post, keep it succinct because most people scan rather than read. This is common in these days, when surprising number of information is much more than the capacity to perceive it.

Utilize the following in your writing:

  •  Compelling Subheaders
  •  Line Breaks
  •  Bulleted Lists

Once you have content, keep the blog readers intrigued. You can increase time spent on the site by displaying Popular Posts and Related Content. Also these widgets are very useful for On-Page SEO.
Also you could include thumbnails with the links. This increases the like hood of getting clicks.

Utilizing Social Media

blog readers smm

blog readers smm

Instead of relying solely on social media, use it to direct traffic to your blog. Sharing is an integral part of social media. That makes social media perfect for getting new blog readers. They’re inclined to share content, and in doing so, they could become engaged with the brand.

However, social media should be a starting point; it’ll provide the easiest connections, but they may be loosely tied. When using social media, don’t get caught up in the technicalities. Remember, you’re dealing with people. When interacting on social media, stroke people’s egos.

Retweet valuable posts and try to add personal message. Make insightful comments on content. Share links of posts you enjoy mention the authors.
Soon, you’ll start promoting others because of a genuine interest in their success, not just because you’d like them to return the favor. In doing all of this, your social relationships and connections will grow.

Increasing your Subscriber account

Now that you have blog readers and good social media relationships, how do you get people to stick around or subscribe to your blog?

blog readers rss

blog readers rss

A simple technique: Ask for the subscription. You can do this at the end of your posts. Offer alternatives, like email and RSS.

Engage in guest blogging

Write original content or someone else to gain exposure.
Make sure it’s targeted, where people are likely to be interested in your industry and your company. The blog hosting the post should also be highly relevant to your work. Otherwise, the exposure will go to waste.

Offer free extra content

Let People know they can get a free:

  • Ebook
  • Report
  • Audio Series
  • E-course

As always, network!

Instead of asking for links, work with other bloggers. Form a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Help them out, and eventually you might even end up friends. =)


In order to build an audience that’s genuinely interested in your brand, your content has to be eye-catching, useful, and properly promoted.

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