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Blogging is important if you want to get out information to as many people and organizations as possible. Good quality content is the key to attracting followers. If you are using WordPress to create your blogs, any tool that helps to increase your audience with little or no additional work for you is coveted. One of the best Plugins available for blogging is Zemanta. Zemanta is a Plugin available for Free, that “Exposes your content to select audiences by recommending content that you write to other blogs and other publishers,” according to Zemanta. The Plugin also recommend articles and pictures to you based on what you are writing about in your post, as you are writing. By selecting these articles you are pushing out content to others, giving proper credits where needed, increasing your SEO, and increasing your audience, by just a single click. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Improve your blogging capabilities!


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Ease of Installation

To download the Plugin Zemanta, go to the dashboard menu on the left hand side of your WordPress, and click on the Plugins tab. The drop-down box will give you three options and choose the Add New option. Next, in the search section, type in Zemanta and hit search. Choose the Editorial Assistant by Zemanta and click install. This will download the information in a zip file to your computer when you install and save, just be sure and save somewhere you can find it. After it is saved, go back to your WordPress, under the Plugins tab on the left, and click on Add New. You have a set of tabs at the top above the search area you used before, but this time click on the Upload tab. Click on Choose File and select the location you filed the Zemanta Zip file. Then hit install now. Now you have this blogging tool at your disposal.


Start Your Creative Blogging

Now, just begin the normal process of writing your blog. When you type out your post, on the Right hand side you will see a section that says “Content Recommendation.” Zemanta will search for images and blog post to match your post. Pick and choose what you want; you can even use the pictures as a featured picture. When you publish your post, your readers will have the option to visit other sites as well. Your blog or article may be linked to and from other sites as well. “Get more readers with the best related post on the Planet.” It is just that simple.

Stress Free Blogging

While Zemanta can’t guarantee that your blogging will be stress free, the installation of their Plugin will certainly help relieve the stress of trying to find new avenues to push your content. The recommendation of pictures, will not only save you time, but will make your post more professional looking. Zemanta certainly tops my list of most useful plugins.


This article was written by Rich Greathouse, COO of Faro Logistics, a third party logistics company with multiple locations throughout the US.

You can dowload Zemanta HERE


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