11 Common Blogging Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Audience’s Time

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There are plenty of blogging mistakes that bloggers and writers make every day and the blogging mistakes are so common that you can make lists of them and post them online. Many of the so-called mistakes are done on purpose because the blogger has no respect for his or her readers. For example, if you run a blog on a save the Rhinos theme, then you know that posting a paid review of a 4×4 car is not going to interest your readers. But, you do it because someone is paying you and that is the deliberate mistake. Her are eleven of the most commonly made mistakes.

Blogging Mistakes

1 – Flimsy content that gives very little benefit per paragraph

Blogging Mistakes

You will have seen this online lots of times. A writer will post an interesting and useful title but then have no information on the subject. So all that is posted is a batch of flimsy content that has no real information. The whole blog post could have been summed up in two bullet points.

2 – Covering topics that have already been covered

Blogging Mistakes

Bloggers often run out of things to blog about so they will scratch around online to try and find topics. This is when some of them resort to using old themes and old topics again. They do it because they are stuck, not realizing that the reader has probably read the old post and is no longer interested in that topic.

3 – Reposting old blog posts

Blogging Mistakes

When looking at your analytics you may notice that your oldest blog posts are not being looked at anymore. It may be months since they had a single page hit. This may encourage you to remove and repost that blog post, but that is a waste of time to all your loyal viewers.

4 – Fluffing up content to make the word count longer (‘Like War and Peace’)

Blogging Mistakes

You may only have a few points on your blog post so you may decide to stretch those points into a full blog post. This is done by fluffing up the word count.

5 – Misleading blog titles

Blogging Mistakes

Offering to do something such as explain Google duplication rules and then not doing it within the post is stupid and a waste of time. Don’t blather on about the legal side of plagiarism if that is not what your title said your post was about. If you create a title then make sure your blog post lives up to it.

6 – Covering topics that are not suited to your blog theme

You may have discovered something great this week, but if it has nothing to do with the theme of your blog then do not add it as a post. You may be very excited about it, but people are not logging on to your blog for that so make sure you leave it out.

7 – Posting guest posts that advertise to people

Blogging Mistakes

Lots of guest posters are going to want to add a post to your website if it is popular. This is not a terrible thing, but do not allow them to market or promote things on your website. It wastes the time of your reader and makes your blog look bad.

8 – Writing reviews for money on your blog

There are lots of websites out there that will pay you to write positive reviews about something on your blog. This may be a nice way of actually earning money from your blog, but people do not want to read such things.

9 – Writing about the product in your affiliate advertising

A way to get people to click on your affiliate advertising is to write posts about the things within your affiliate advertising. This means that when people search for those items then they come across your blog post and you affiliate adverts and they are more likely to click. It is a nice way of getting people to click your affiliate advertising but is going to annoy your regular readers.

10 – Trying to sell the add-on content by giving nothing but hooks

This happens when the blog master wants people to pay for the bit at the end of the blog post or to pay for a subscription. They give a blog post full of hooks but give no answers or resolutions. This is a waste of the reader’s time and a dumb thing to do.

11 – Rewriting works you have seen elsewhere

Blogging Mistakes

This happens all the time, and even though it is done be the academic community all the time, it is questionable as the whether it is a good idea online. The only time it is permissible is in the name of research where the good points of several articles are rewritten to form densely packed web of facts within one blog post.

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