20+ Blogging Sites to Make Money, Using Your Writing Skills

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Blogging sites are websites that allow you to post articles or blog posts, or are sites that are all about blogging. This article deals with blogging sites to make money and that allow you to post articles under your own profile. That way you are able to create series of articles in your own online area, which may start to look and feel like your own blog. Some people upload articles in order to gain a backlink for their website, but you may also do it in order to make a little money. Here are three quick warnings, followed by a list of websites that allow you to make money from using your writing skills and uploading posts.

Three warnings before you begin with blogging sites to make money

1. It is unfair to claim that one blogging site is better than another is because they change so often.

2. You are often paid very little or nothing, For example, it is possible to upload lots to a site called Helium and make nothing, and a site called Content Row demands a 50% share of all earnings.

3. These websites go wonky all the time, for example, Bukisa no longer shares its affiliate money with users because it was penalized by Panda and had to change its ways.

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So… Let’s start!

1. Squidoo

Best Blogging Sites to Make Money squidoo

This is probably the best of the blogging sites to make money, as it allows you to make money directly from your posts. The main reason this is the best of the blogging sites to make money is twofold. Firstly, it is a very well maintained website that ranks its articles highly on the Google search engine results pages. Secondly, there are many ways to make money from the site and you are not reliant on making affiliate money or making sales. The website allows you to choose numerous ways of making money, including adding links to your own items in eBay and Amazon.

It also has a quality guideline that is based on user ratings. This means that if you produce a well-written article that actually holds no real information, then it will not appear on the Google search engine results pages, and may not even appear on their search system. This means that people will not see it if they use the Squidoo search engine, and they will have to navigate to it directly. On the other hand, it is possible to produce a poorly written piece (bad grammar, spelling, syntax, etc) and still have the page do well because you have produced interesting content.

For example, if you were providing cheats for the most modern console games, then your writing style or spelling may come second place to the lust that people have to learn what is on your page. Your page could rank very highly and make you a nice bit of money in return.

2. Fiverr

Best Blogging Sites to Make Money fiverr

Here you can sell your writing services for five dollars, of which some is taken by the website. The website is paid by the user who buys your service, and you are paid by the website once your task is complete. It is not a very efficient or profitable way of selling your blogging skills, but is okay for the casual writer who does not have to make a living from writing. If you are clever, then maybe you can find a way of keeping in touch with your client so that they can offer you more work outside of the Fiverr website.

3. GhostBloggers

Best Blogging Sites to Make Money ghostblogger

Here you upload 600 words or more of a blog post. It is then put onto their marketplace so that it may sell to whoever wants to put that post on their blog. The prices that they set as a standard are okay, running at around $3.20 per 100 words, but you can set the price lower if you want to make a faster sale. The only downside to this system is that they do not have a function that allows you to remove any of your articles. This means that you can only sell your articles on that site and cannot sell your work elsewhere. If you set a low price then you can make a few sales pretty quickly.

4. Helium

Best Blogging Sites to Make Money helium

This website uploads your blog posts onto its site and runs affiliate adverts next to it. If people click on the affiliate adverts then you get a share of the affiliate money. There are lots of websites that work on this premise, and a lot of article sites that offer similar deals. Even though it is possible to upload lots of articles and receive no payments, the same is true of all websites that operate this way. The bonus factor you get with helium is that it is slightly more popular than most of the other affiliate sharing websites, meaning you have a bigger chance of getting people to click on your adverts.

5. Yahoo! Contributor Network

yahoo site for make money

This is a legitimate one, but possibly not the best of the blogging sites to make money because it has a way of doing things that is a little unfair in some circumstances. The website is full of writing assignments that you have to pick. You can pick one that offers an upfront payment and be paid once you submit, or paid after the piece goes live. It is a little unfair because you are forced to accept their low payments, and you may spend days on a piece, only to have an administrator tell you it is no good or give you $2 for it.
On the other hand, upfront payments is better than many other websites of this nature, and even if you only get paid after your article is live, Yahoo do have the capacity to give your work a lot of coverage–thereby increasing your chances of making money.

6. Article Teller

Blogging Sites to Make Money A T

On this site you can work at the same time for several customers. The scheme is simple: there is some order – you do it – you’ll be paid for it. While executing orders, you get points, or stars. If you have enough stars, you go to the next level (there are four levels). Clearly, the higher your level, the more you get for your work.
Payment by Peypal, and you get 81% of the amount.

7. Content BLVD

Blogging Sites to Make Money CBLVD

Content BLVD is intermediate link between the blogger and writer. Here you can get from $ 10 to $ 50 per article. But it is not so easy to get there  – you have to meet the criteria.

8. About.com

This is serious resource, and to become a writer on About.com you need to be an expert in a particular field. Pay monthly, how much – not publicized.

9. Wissley

It works on the principle of partnership, in other words, multi-affiliate program. You can get some income from Amazon, Google Adsense, VigLink (eBay), AllPosters, Zazzle and Chitika. How it works? Read HERE.

10. Content Row

Content company. They sell your content and give you 50% from income.

11. Constant Content

Constant Content allows you to get your content sold to multiple clients. You get 65%, CC gets 35%. Here user can buy content, request content and find the writer.

12. Blogging.org

Standart content selling marketplace. You write some  content on specific topics and post it, someone see your content and buy it. You get your money. On average, you can earn from $1.50 to $20 per article. Professional writers get around $30 per piece.

13. Digital Journal

This is online journal that pay journalists for their posts. The more audience attention you bring to your posts, the more money you can earn. More details HERE.

14. HubPages

HP to make money

HP proposes afiiliate programs, where you can earn from Google AdSense, HubPages Ad Program and/or affiliate programs such as Amazon and eBay products. You write your post, publish it, and collect your income. The more readers you have, the more money you earn.

15. Demand Media Studios

To write for DMS, you need to apply. Next, you will be given assignments that will be picked up according to your hobbies and areas of knowledge. One published article can bring you from $15 to $30, and even more.

16. Epinions

Here you can earn money by writing positive or negative reviews about different products. You’ll get Eroyalties credits for your reviews, which is redeemable in US dollars. US-residents, for redeem their balance, must have at least $10, non-residents – $100.

17. Triond

Standart scheme – you post your article and get 50% from income from ads. Monthly.

18. Xomba

The same thing – post your content and get 40% from Google Adsense.

19. Zujava

One more site to post your content and 50% of the earnings from Google Adsense and Amazon products sold are sent to you via PayPal.

20. Review Me

Write your honest reviews and get paid for it.

21. Shvoong

Write your review, publish it and get paid. There is no exact amount. Shvoong pays 10% of its advertising revenues to the writers.

22. Blogsvertise

And again… make money from advertising on your articles.

23. Wise Bread

The same, but you’ll get 100% from ads.

That’s all, guys. I’ve shown you all the best blogging sites to make money. Have you used any of them once? Tell us about your experience.

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