Blogging Tips and Tricks: How to Become a Giant

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One more post on Blogoloola pages and one more blogging tips list. Becoming a giant in the blogging world is easy, but staying there is like trying to freeze water in an oven. You are not only up against an unforgiving set of search engines that will drop your rank for accidentally linking from a grey-SEO site; you are also up against a world full of bloggers who are trying to beat you. The only people who have ever had a top blog and kept it for more than a week are the ones who work on it ceaselessly. They are the ones who are coming up with material that should (by all accounts) be published instead of blogged.

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Main Blogging Tips: Keep up the good work

As it suggests in the introduction, the biggest trick is keeping up the effort. Most blogs peter out after around six months when the blogger has run out of ideas, and very few last past two years. The ones that do are often simply maintained and are not actively promoted or have effort put into them.

Forget about the money

This is the biggest trick, and it is a trick because so many people are not willing to do it. Most of the blogs that go past the six month mark will have affiliate advertising placed onto them. After that point, the blogger starts to maintain the blog in order to gain traffic. They are not actively working on their blog to make it a big success; they are doing it for the few dollars that they can make from affiliate money. This is the reason why these bloggers never make it big.

blogging tips

If you do not want to fall into this trap, then do what no other bloggers are doing, and do not add affiliate advertising to your blog. Do nothing on your blog for the sake of making money. Your every action with regards to your blog needs to be to make it successful, popular and loyally attended. This is something that few people are willing to do because there is no financial gain involved, and that is why so few people ever keep their top blog.

Come up with your ideas in advance

There are a few elements to blogging, and one of them is ideas. A lack of ideas is a hindrance but is not a problem. However, if you want a successful and top blog then you cannot simply stop at ideas; you need inspired ideas. You need ideas that other people have not even thought of yet.

You have seen it a hundred times where you type in one blog topic and the search engine gives you a list of results on the topic. That is because the blog topics are fuelled by uninspired ideas. They are manufactured from the ideas of others, which is why there is so much repetition. In essence, you need to go out of your way to be the first link in the chain. You need to be the first one to come up with these ideas to the point where people are copying your ideas instead of you copying theirs.

So why come up with your ideas in advance?

Well, the answer to that should be obvious: inspired ideas take inspiration. Furthermore, good and inspired ideas take time to come to you and to mature into something that you can actually blog about. You also have the challenge of relating your blog topic to the target audience of your choice. Writing an inspired blog post about “end game” post nuclear survival is all well and good, but it is not going to go down very well on your research blog about the body language of kitties.

Make a plan for the next six months

If you make a plan for the next six months then you can be sure that you are not going to run out of ideas over the next few months. You are planning ahead for your own success, and that is the only way that you are going to be able to keep up the momentum to make your blog a top class blog. You also need to make a six month plan for your blog marketing, as this is just as important if you want to make it big.

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