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7 Basic Features Every Good Web Host Should Offer

web host

A web host has very little obligation to give you a good service. The amount of competition online has made some hosts give a better deal, but comparison sites have meant hosts have started resorting to sleazy tricks just to be seen as the one at the top of the list. Here are seven features that every hosting service should offer.

1 – The ability to upgrade

This is something that all should offer and some do not. The ones that do not are sometimes free web hosts, and other times it is because you have bought a loss leader service they had online in order to make their more profitable service seem better. There are other web hosts that restrict how you upgrade and downgrade. Some make it very easy to upgrade and almost impossible to downgrade or cancel.

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6 Simple Ways to Make a Good First Impression Online


The medium you choose in order to make a good first impression online is totally up to you. You have the choice and you control when and how you create your impression. This article deals with ways to make your first impression a good one. The idea behind making a good first impression is so that you may comfortably make subsequent impressions on the same people–that is what this article will help you to do too.

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7 Ways to Manage Comments on Your Site (Without Losing Your Mind)

comment management

If you have a popular blog then you may get a lot of comments. It is possible to have a blog that is popular and still get very few comments, and that is not a bad thing as most pleased readers will simply leave the site and await next weeks post. If you are getting a lot of comments then it may mean that people are unhappy or concerned about your topics. It may even be that they enjoy going onto your blog so that they may cause trouble. If you are getting a lot of negative comments then you can embrace them, as it is a form of publicity. If you are not too happy about them then consider the content of your blog posts and how they may be affecting your commenters.

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Blogging Tips and Tricks: How to Become a Giant

blogging tips

One more post on Blogoloola pages and one more blogging tips list. Becoming a giant in the blogging world is easy, but staying there is like trying to freeze water in an oven. You are not only up against an unforgiving set of search engines that will drop your rank for accidentally linking from a grey-SEO site; you are also up against a world full of bloggers who are trying to beat you. The only people who have ever had a top blog and kept it for more than a week are the ones who work on it ceaselessly. They are the ones who are coming up with material that should (by all accounts) be published instead of blogged.

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Why it’s ok that Google does not index some of your pages

no index

Most of your blog shouldn’t be hidden from Google. It should be indexed so anyone can find it. In some cases, it’s a good idea to hide pages from Google. And they won’t penalise you for doing it. You need to avoid doing it in most circumstances as Google perceives hidden pages as danger. They think you’re up to something nefarious, and so they’ll lower the ranking of your blog.

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