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Must Have Image Creation Tools for Bloggers

image creation tools


You made a blog you write content. You even have regular readers and search traffic. But does your blog have its own style? I can help you with your visual blogging stuff, cool down 😉 I want to share with you some great image creation tools for creating blog post images. I use these tools every single day. Hope they can solve your visualizing problems.

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4 Easy Ways Non-Coders Can Add Personality to a WordPress Theme

wordpress themes

WordPress themes are a little like templates for the blogs and websites that are going to be placed upon them. If you are not a programmer and have your template to hand, then you can personalize it in many ways. The methods listed below are all methods you can use if you do not know how to personalize by changing the code.

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Photoshop – The Basic Functions for the Novice Designer


It is highly recommended that you start experimenting with Photoshop. Most people fiddle around with editors every now and again. The numerous social media networks have made sure of that, since they are full of pictures of people and people tend to want nice pictures of themselves online. But, if you get into photoshopping then you can actually have a lot more fun than it may seem.

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Best Free Tools to Compress and Optimize Images on Your Blog

optimize images

Compressing your images is one of the many ways that you can optimize them for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engine optimization of your images is not only about adding the correct words to the titles and adding Meta information. It is also about the file type and size of your image.

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How to Make a Blog User-Friendly

how to make a blog

If your blog is user friendly, then people are more likely to visit it repeatedly, and are less likely to bounce when they first see your posts. Many wonder how to make a blog user-friendly because they think that it will get them more traffic, and they are right. It will make your blog more popular and Google likes websites that are more user-friendly (hello, Matt Cutts!), so if yours is user friendly, then there is a higher chance of Google ranking it up higher through the search engine results pages. The next argument – if you like your readers, you’ll make your blog comfortable. I like my readers, and you?.. 🙂

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