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30 things you need to do to work at Google

work at Google

Every online marketer at least once in his life dreamed to work at Google. And you? I already know the answer =) Sooooo, you should do to have a dream job? Only 30 things.

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Best blogs for students: what to read?

student blog

As a student, I know how important it is to always be aware of everything that’s going on. You will find a lot of niche blogs online that cover matters that students are interested in. Here is a nice selection of blogs that students (and I am, actually) may find useful or informative (maybe even entertaining). Enjoy!

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Student Blogger: Hobby or an Important Activity?

student blogging

A student blogging is not really a bad thing. There are certainly worse things that a student may do with his or her time. Blogging is sometimes done in order to gain popularity and riches. Sadly, these things cannot be achieved through a blog, but there are other benefits to student blogging that a student may take advantage of.

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Ordering from essay writing sites – ethical questions?

essay writing services

Hello, guys! Today’s post doesn’t suit my blog, but this problem concerns me because I’m student, I’m working student and I used to work in essay writing companies. Why? Because I needed money! Do I thing this is ethical? This is hard question. Let’s think about it.

Ethical questions around ordering from essay writing companies are often bandied about, and quite how we should feel about them is unclear. Here are a few ethical pointers on the matter for you to chew over. Whether you think that there are ethical issues with essay writing companies is up to you, but maybe considering the things on this list will help you decide for sure.

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