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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Blogoloola!


My dear and lovely reader!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for the fact that you have been with me in the past year!)

I wish you happiness, health, success and new achievements. From my side I promise to continue to please you with interesting and useful posts, how-to’s and other blogging stuff. Hope your Holidays were great!

Thank you!

Your Korah.

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Chatwing Chat Software – How to Utilize it on Your Site


Remember my past article about the Chatwing? This post will show you how to install this chat software.

Increasing the site’s interactivity is one way of generating more traffic for your site. It can be accomplish through several methods, one of it through the use of live chat software. If you’re planning on embedding one for your site, then you should use Chatwing. This chat software is very efficient and doesn’t take up too much web space compared to other chatrooms.

To successfully embed Chatwing on your site, follow these easy steps.

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Social media is not about You, its about your Business

social media for business

You are a social media addict who cannot ignore the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to name a few. You need to put up a ‘status’, ‘like’ a picture, ‘tweet’ about what you are reading, ‘follow’ the pretty chick or even ‘pin’ your favorite image. Whatever be the case you cannot ignore the fact that you are totally hooked and booked to your social profile page.

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Tricks of the trade for New Graphic Designers

graphic designer

Getting into a professional career as a graphic designer is certainly not an easy thing to do. You have to have a certain level of expertise and even that is not enough at times. Thus guidance should be taken from the men who have ample experience in the respective field. Seeking guidance from others lets you know some vital tricks of the trade, and if you improvise accordingly you are sure to enter any field with aplomb confidence.

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Marketing Plan Model for Entrepreneurs

marketing plan model for business

Why we need marketing plan?

Making a solid business plan is a demanding task. It needs rigorously vast research, statistical analysis, strategy building, short and long term planning etc. The success of your business depends to a larger extent on these determinants. Marketing is however the most vital factor. It involves tremendous research, trend analysis, obstacles in the way of getting into the market, economical workout, customer taste, information of the competitors, promotional tactics etc. Thus marketing plan itself is a complete process and if this plan is improvised effectively, no other thing can stop the business from making progress by leaps and bounds.

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