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SEO, Google Updates, Link Building – What’s new this Fall?

MattCutts-Google updates Hummingbird

So, let’s talk about fresh Google Updates. What is new is that Google have brought out the Google Hummingbird update. It has people being pretty vague about it because they are having trouble nailing down exactly what it does. Google says that it is a fundamental change in the way that the search engine works. Google says a reliance on keywords is an old notion that needs to be put to bed.

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How to Promote Blog With Social Media Websites

promote your blog with smm

This is guest post from Amy Jasmine.

You would have spent hours of time in researching, writing content, creating apt picture and uploading it over your blog as blog post. But, the work of blog doesn’t finish here, because a blog without readers is just like a road without direction. Most of us want to make our blog read by others just other than our family and friends. Yes, blog post needs to be promoted, in order to make it popular among the outside world and make them to read your interesting blog. If you are the one facing this problem for your blog, then this article will definitely help you to promote each of your blog post.

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How to Create a Blog With Wide Audience

how to create a blog audience

Your question is “How to create a blog with wide audience”? Did I hit the target?

Creating a blog with a wide audience means that you have the potential for a very large traffic number. It also means that you have more competition for traffic. How you choose to deal with this is up to you, but here are a few tips that will show you how to create a blog that appeals to a wide audience.

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The SEO Benefits of Google+ And How That Impacts Traffic

google + seo

One of the most important reasons to use Google+ is for the search engine optimization benefits. The most powerful SEO benefits revolve around authority, social proof, and indexing content. Taking a step back, though, there are a number of critics who are concerned that Google is, well, working in its own best interest by promoting Google+. My first thought is, of course! My second, is that there are good reasons because Google will trust their own data before third party sources.

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Google Ranking Factors: Is Your Domain SEO Friendly?

google ranking factors domain seo

Let’s start with the main points that you should consider at an early stage of building site – Google ranking factors relating to the domain name. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “What website domain to choose?”. The answer is very simple – of course, SEO friendly! Read the main Google ranking factors which concern domain name.

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