Chatwing as a Simple and Effective Marketing Tool For Blog or Site

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Wanna learn how you can make your blog, corporate site or online entertainment site more effective and unique? Add some chat with Chatwing app! You must think about this new opportunity.


Chatwing chatbox may appear simple yet this chat app is equipped with numerous features to help online marketers and bloggers with their branding and advertising activities. Online, you must provide prospective clients with a competent platform where they can interact with you and know about your products and services real time. You must also consider the cost effectiveness of a certain marketing effort- is it easy to use? Is it effective in generating traffic for my website or blog? Will my web visitors find it easy to use?

Chatwing team created the chat app to be user friendly, every process is easy to accomplish and would require just a few seconds to get done. For an effective branding effort, Chatwing provides users with numerous options to re-create the chat box according to the image the company is trying to project. Colors, font styles, boarders are changeable. You can also set the language of the chatbox. There are five languages to choose from. You also have the capability to limit the users who’ll gain access of your chat room, but who would want limitations when you can maximize global connectivity? Chatwing chat app accepts Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Gmail as log in options.

And it looks really great!

slide5 blog

Also you can choose any background image:

backgroound blog

As an effective marketer (no matter what you are promoting – a blog or a product), you aim for wider reach, right? Chatwing can accommodate up to a thousand users without any compromise in real time connectivity. This helps you with effective marketing and promotions. For a focused and targeted marketing strategy Chatwing has a vanity URL form that will get the job done. This form is flexible since it allows you to choose the number of participants and the specific web surfers you want to interact with. The vanity URL provides you with short links and username to make the interaction possible.

Radio Stations and many online entertainment sites are using Chatwing to help market themselves and increase user engagement. For example these sites use Chatwing with great results. For example:


Maintaining your Chatwing chatroom is also manageable because you are capable of assigning moderators to help you with the maintenance and facilitation; add that you can filter out profane words automatically leaving your site free of obscenities. Check out Chatwing website for more sensible blogging and online marketing tips and how you can further use Chatwing chatbox for online advancements.

How do you think, how bloggers and guest bloggers can use this app? Waiting for comments!

Article was written by our friend Aaron Krock from . For more information you can visit Chatwing’s website directly.

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