Chatwing Chat Software – How to Utilize it on Your Site

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Remember my past article about the Chatwing? This post will show you how to install this chat software.

Increasing the site’s interactivity is one way of generating more traffic for your site. It can be accomplish through several methods, one of it through the use of live chat software. If you’re planning on embedding one for your site, then you should use Chatwing. This chat software is very efficient and doesn’t take up too much web space compared to other chatrooms.

To successfully embed Chatwing on your site, follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Register

Go to Chatwing’s homepage and open the registration form. You need to type in your email address and the password for your account. Afterwards, check the boxes below and press the Register button at the bottom part of the form.

Register chatwing

Step 2: Create the Chatroom

You should be at the Dashboard page now. Find the Create chatbox button and press it – it should be on the upper right part of the page. This button will automatically redirect you to the Customization page to modify your newly created chatbox.

Dashboard chatwing

Step 3: Modify the Chatroom

The Customization page is separated into tabs. Each tab has its own set of customization options that will modify a certain part of the chatroom. You can also access most of Chatwing’s additional functions here. Just take note of the Save buttons on the bottom of each tab as you modify your chatbox – you need to press those to apply the current settings you’ve made.

Customize chatwing

Once you’re done customizing, press the Use button on the upper part of the Customization page.

Step 4: Embedding

If you’ve followed the guide until now, then you should be at the Embedding Page. This page is divided into three tabs – each one is a method of using Chatwing. As a site owner, you can choose between Embedded Options or Popout Options. For now, let’s choose the first one.

Embedding chatwing

The Embedded Options is used to embed the chatbox directly into your site. That’s why before you do that, you have to adjust its size by dragging the two scrollbars provided. You can see the actual size of the chatbox on the preview window.


After adjusting, all you need to do now is copy its Javascript code below. There are two sets of code that you need to copy. Paste them where you want the chatbox to show up in your site. After that, save the current settings of your site and open it again.


done chatwing

Note: If your chatroom doesn’t appear on your site after Step 4, it means your site doesn’t support Javascript. To make your chatbox appear, simply replace the Javascript codes with the iFrame codes. It’s found on the lowest part of the Embedded Options tab.

Managing Chatwing

Through its features, Chatwing is very easy to manage. You can kick people out when they’re becoming a nuisance and delete all their messages with a simple click of the mouse button. And because you can easily control the flow of the conversation, the viewers will be more encouraged to use it than not. Chatwing is a tool that can easily provide customer satisfaction through live chat.

Link to the site HERE.

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