Content Is a Queen, or Authors matter!

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You may think anyone can trot off 500 words and include a few juicy keywords and a blog post is a sure fire winner. Er, no, that is not the case. Web content has taken a long time to shrug off the ‘spun content’ mantle it wore for so long but things are changing. I am so glad Google did actually address this issue. Yes, it benefits their service, but did it make a difference to the status of writers. Right now content is queen.

Really great advices by Vivienne Neale, Enjoy!

Blog content should be about voices, about adding value and respect for the written word.

Great blogging will resonate with an audience and immediately prompt a share. It makes sense doesn’t it? Consider what you read and write on your website. If it was deleted – would it matter? You want to commission and write meaningful content that rewards time invested reading it. How can you do that to improve the overall quality of your blog? Plan a strategy now.

The great thing about this medium is topics can be expanded, chewed over.

That’s when content can really be valuable and also unique. No one else writes like you. No one has your perspective, so capitalise on that. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be that painful. Some careful content curation, put together by an expert can be as useful as anything bespoke. Let’s face it, your content curation will be different to anyone else’s anyway.

I guess blogging isn’t all.

It’s just as important to make a habit of keeping an eye on thought leaders and influencers in your niche. Commenting on their blogs can gain as much link juice as anything else I find. Taking time to comment on forums, hangouts and other ‘water cooler’ gathering points is a great strategy and so is promoting high-quality content. I love being shown something I have missed that has relevance stamped all over it. Without stopping to consider I usually share immediately too.

It takes time and effort to perfect your blogging technique.

Being aware of how people read, when and where they read will help hone your product. Consider how your blog might be consumed. Consider double readership – those who want to skim and those who are looking for detail. Guide your reader through an article. Keep it a lean, mean fighting machine. You can always attach ‘download’ to it if you can’t resist writing a novel.

Images, lively writing, headlines, sub headers, bullet points and diagrams all help. I have just launched a new site which actually has no blog at present and that’s a deliberate policy. I almost feel like I have walked naked into the street to be honest. Yet in 9 days its Alexa ranking is in the 2 million mark; so I may have to re-assess my blogging strategies in this age of pictures being worth a 1000 words. The new Google algorithm landscape is also changing things too. I will keep you posted.

This article was written by Vivienne Neale, founder of PublicityPH which offers free marketing for creatives and is a highly experienced web content writer and blogger.

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