Content Marketing Makes Them Trust You

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I’m sure that all of us know that content marketing is great method to build good relationships with your prospective clients/readers/buyers. That’s why the main goal is not to advertise the service or product, but to promote you, show yourself to the public, engage customers. People usually trust those who they know and respect.

Now, every self-respecting business owner is trying to win the respect of his audience, and Content marketing is great for this purpose. The best way to learn the features and preferences of your audience is to try different options and choose the most appropriate one. I present my favorite content marketing tips that I found in the corners of the Internet.

content marketing

Fight On Your Own Field

At every turn, bloggers and marketers shout about the need of brand presence in social networks. It is obvious that social media is a necessary and indispensable tool for every public relations specialist. But your main goal – is to bring the customers to your website and make them your potential buyers. It is on your site should focus customer loyalty and love. Your own site is your own battlefield where you answer your prospective buyers’ questions.

Social media still important, but don’t forget for what all these efforts: bring all those eyeballs to your web battlefield for conversion.

Help, Not Advertise

Remember what we said in the beginning of this article? The main purpose of is to create a content-marketing relationship of trust with your customer. The best way – is to respond to your customers’ questions, assist, inform.

As long as you have not started to sell, people will listen to you and trust your words. But at the same moment when your help will look like blatant advertisements, you will lose the trust of your audience.

Write something about what your customer wants to read

The main mistake of many content-based strategies is that they write only about themselves. Do you think that your customers interested to read about your company, your product or about your staff? Must disappoint you – they are not interested.

Make some customer research and write about what interests them. As you begin to write about yourself, you will immediately lose their interest.

For example, KissMetrics, SaaS and Ecommerce Customer Intelligence Company, has own great company blog about E-commerce, Internet Marketing tips and much more. (You can see my article for KissMetrics)

content marketing kissmetrics

Authoritative content marketing

Be honest with your customers. They are no longer fools and you can no longer tell you that “only the best and unique.” They know that this is not the case.
Link to other authoritative sources; be at the center of events. Thus, your credibility will grow and you will get a loyal customer.

Create Different Content For All Customer Types

Examine your target audience and think about what else might be interesting to your customers. If you are offering apartments in city X, tell your customers about the best restaurants in town X, reputable schools in the X or the most beautiful parks of X.

In this way, you show your customers that you care about them and think only of their welfare.

Content Is King, But Trust is Queen

Content Marketing strategy is Not SEO link building strategy. These are two interrelated but still separate marketing strategies. The purposes of SEO strategy are links and reference juice; in the content marketing strategy content is king. If you want to get a reference juice using content marketing, you’re doing it wrong!

Promote Your Content

Content Marketing

Many small business owners for some reason shy to promote your content. Thus, they forget about the marketing in content marketing. Do not hesitate to tell everyone about your content, share on social networks, shout about your content all over the world!

Are you afraid of criticism? Criticism is a great way to know what you think about your audience and on what you need to focus.


It is not enough just to write and publish your content. You must become a part of the team, a buddy friend. Participate in discussions, make advices, and communicate with your customers. Be social (ion all meanings).


Explore the various blogs, online and offline magazines, watch and read different news. Find out what your audience, about what they are talking and about what are joking. All this will help you achieve your main goal – to establish close and friendly contact with your audience.

Do you have some tips to share? Your welcome!

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