Content Marketing Strategy Do’s and Dont’s

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This is quick Wednesday morning article about Do’s and Dont’s in Content Marketing Strategy. Duh, right. This is not a rocket science, but we can still do this mistakes and suffer from them. So many words have been said, but I still often confronted with the same typical mistakes. I’ll start from the beginning:

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What is Content Marketing Strategy?

Content Marketing strategy is a way of marketing your products or services to your target audience by creating relevant and valuable content that attracts and engages them and possibly encourages profitable customer action. If you want to understand content marketing deeper, you should read the article about Content Marketing on Blogoloola.

Benefits of Content Marketing Strategy

  •  Better ranking – Helps improve ranking for your website

  •  Better Keyword Targeting – Get more visitors to your site from a variety of topics

  •  More Content, More Traffic – Increase your range of targeted keywords

Four Pillar of Content Marketing


Blog is the most impostant part of your content marketing strategy.

Blogging Do’s:

  • Do have a blog for yout website
  • Do write quality blog content (You can find great articles about content creation HERE, HERE and HERE)
  • Do maintain a schedule for your blog
  • Do target keywords in your blog
  • Do encourage blog promotion and social sharing (articles about blog promotion HERE and HERE)

Blogging Dont’s:

  • Don’t blog for quantity but for quality
  • Don’t publish a badly written blog
  • Don’t copy content, and Don’t dublikate your own content (Use Copyscape or Plagtracker for checking your content)
  • Don’t write lengthy paragraphs. Keep them short and easy to read

Press release


  • Do always have something “new” to say in your release
  • Do take time to create a catchy headline
  • Do write a press release with no mistakes or errors
  • Do use the correct format for a professional press release
  • Do cite sources of any stats or survey information


  • Don’t include a bunch of links in your press release
  • Don’t turn the release into a sales pitch
  • Don’t makre up information (like stats)
  • Don’t ignore PR guidelines

Infographics (How to create Infographics)


  • Do keep your infographics visually appealing
  • Do insert numbers, stats, pie charts, bar graphs
  • Do promote your infographic on social media outlets
  • Do try to tell a story with your infographic
  • Do make your infographics embeddable


  • Don’t copy an exicting infographics
  • Don’t confuse readers with TMI (Too Much Information)
  • Don’t create offensive infographics that are NSFW (not safe for work)
  • Don’t make a horisontal infographic

Guest posting


  • Do Follow the submission guidelines on the guest posting site (articles about guest posting HERE and HERE)
  • Do include only relevant links in the articles (How to do this? – HERE is the article)
  • Do write a nice author bio for the guest post
  • Do check the reputation of the site before you guest post on it
  • Do respond to the comments users make on your guest posts
  • Do check the site’s niche (yesterday, one linkbuilder proposed me the travel article and didn’t understand why I rejected)


  • Don’t just guest post for link building (HERE you can find the article about guest blogging mistakes)
  • Don’t bother the editor after you have submitted your guest post for review
  • Don’t complain if your article is rejected
  • Don’t submit a post on a topic that has been written about thousands of times

Follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to Content Marketing Success.

HERE you can find the infographics. Save it on your PC and never forget to follow these Content Marketing Strategy rules.

Content Marketing strategy inf

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