How to Create a Blog With Wide Audience

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Your question is “How to create a blog with wide audience”? Did I hit the target?

Creating a blog with a wide audience means that you have the potential for a very large traffic number. It also means that you have more competition for traffic. How you choose to deal with this is up to you, but here are a few tips that will show you how to create a blog that appeals to a wide audience.

how to create a blog audience

Look at what blogs currently pull in the biggest traffic numbers

This is how you cheat, because it involves finding the blogs with the biggest traffic numbers and stealing their idea or their blog topic. You are looking for blogs that have a lot of traffic, a high Google PageRank and a high Alexa Rank. If they are getting lots of traffic then you can assume that their target audience is fairly wide. All you have to do is copy their blog topic/theme, and you too will see how to create a blog that appeals to a wide audience. Check their target keywords, using SemRush and Goodle Adwords keyword research tool. Write your next blog articles using this information.

How to create a blog audience using market research

If you want to know how to create a blog that appeals to a wide audience, then research into who is actually going to look at your blog when it is online. Market research is going to tell you what topics attract the most people.

Start somewhere simple such as Google Trends. Use the Google search engine to find articles that are all about the most popular topics or genres. Then, use the Google Trends tool to see if any of those topics are still generating interest on the search engines. Now, start looking for blogs that are on that theme. If there are a lot of blogs on that theme, then you can assume that is reaches a fairly wide audience.

Make your blog responsive so you can appeal to mobile users

Concentrating on whom your blog appeals to is important, but when people ask how to create a blog that appeals to a wide audience, they often forget how each user accesses their blog. In other words, if you are also able to appeal to mobile phone users, then you have increased your audience size beyond merely appealing to desktop users.

Creating a responsive blog is getting easier because there is more software on the market that allows you to do it. Plus, thing such as HMTL5 are adding functions that make converting from a desktop website to a mobile website a lot easier. Do not opt to make a mobile website for your blog. People who choose to have a separate desktop website and mobile website are often doing so because there website is so sophisticated that it is hard to convert correctly. You only have a blog website, which is not very sophisticated, meaning that a responsive blog website is the best option for you.

Install an RSS feed

There are two reasons to do this. Those who wonder how to create a blog that appeals to a wide audience will often forget that RSS feed users are part of their own “audience.” In other words, there are people out there who will simply not return to your website frequently unless you offer them an RSS feed with which to access your blog.

The other reason is the fact that appealing to a wide audience also means getting that audience to come back week after week. There is little to be gained by constantly attracting new traffic without older traffic returning on a regular basis. Apart from creating quality content, the best way of getting return traffic is to install an RSS feed and update it when you upload a new blog post.

Get yourself added into blog directories

Part of appealing to a wider audience is actually the act of getting seen and noticed by your audience. You can do this by ranking highly in the search engine results pages, and you can install a lot of direct links to your blog. You can also get yourself added into blog directories, and if you have trouble getting added in, then you can create your own. You can upload your own articles onto article sites and create a rundown of the best blogs (with links to each). Obviously, you make your blog the one that is on the top of the list and the most heavily endorsed.

Evolve your blog over time

It is not a good idea to change your blog topic completely over time, but you can alter it a bit, and you can alter your blog style too. Experiment with newer ways of writing and different topics in order to find the ones that appeal to the widest audience.

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