How To Create WordPress RSS feed : Step-by-Step Guide

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In this article I’ll show you step-by-step how to create a WordPress RSS feed and RSS subscribe button. You will meet with Feedburner service and will learn how to create an RSS feed for WordPress.

wordpress rss feed title

How To Create WordPress RSS Feed

To get started, you will need to register an account on Google and go to the Feedburner service.
Enter your website URL and ‘burn’ a new feed in the opened window:

Wordpress RSS feed 1
Then, you will be offered to identify a source for the new feed. For WordPress, we choose Rss feed:

wordpress rss feed 2
A window appears in which you have to give a name to your feed, and just below you will see your feed adress. When you have finished all these steps, click – Next:

wordpress rss feed 3

The first stage of creation the feed is over. Feedbubner congratulates you on the completion and offer to take you to the second stage:

wordpress rss feed 4
This will open another window which you can immediately skip and jump to the main feed control menu to optimize and set up your WordPress RSS feed:

wordpress rss feed 5
Select the tab – “Optimize” and press «BrowserFriendly» under ‘Services‘ tab:

wordpress rss feed 6
Here, you need to choose the language of your WordPress RSS feed and common content type:

wordpress rss feed 7
Next, choose the service – «SmartFeed», which provides compatibility WordPress RSS feed with the largest number of applications for reading feeds, and press – “Activate“:

wordpress rss feed 8
Optimization phase is completed. Now, you need to set up a subscription for the newsletter.

To do this, go over the top tab – “Publisize“, choose the service – “Email Subscriptions” and click – “Activate“:

wordpress rss feed 9
After these manipulations, a window will appear where you have to choose a language and copy the code for the newsletter subscription form to insert into your site:

wordpress rss feed 10
The next step is to configure the subscription confirmation letter that Feedburner will send readers after they fill out a form on your site.

Select the service – «Communication Preferences», change the body of the email confirmation topic:

wordpress rss feed 11
Importantly, do not remove – $ {confirmlink}, it will be a link. Do not forget to save all the changes.

To correctly display the header of the activation letter, go to the service – «Email Branding» and insert in the first line – «$ {latestItemTitle}»:

wordpress rss feed 12
The final step is to set the time zone and the time of sending a letter.

Jump to the service – «Delivery Options» and select the desired values:

wordpress rss feed 13

Your WordPress RSS feed is created! Congrats!

How To Add WordPress RSS feed Button

To install the RSS button into WordPress site, you need to use an example of the output images in the posts.

I’ll explain in a simple way. Find the desired image and upload to your server (or any image storage service). Copy the link to the picture and create the following structure:

<a href=" your RSS feed address ">< alt="choose title" src=" RSS image link " width=" choose " height=" choose " /></a>

Put it in any place where you want to see the desired button.
You can always see the address of your WordPress RSS feed in the main Feedburner display by hovering your mouse over the RSS icon, or right-click to copy it to the clipboard browser:

wordpress_rss_feedThat’s all, friends!

BTW, subscribe to Blogoloola’s RSS feed, click the RSS button RSS-feed and be connected!

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