Google Databoard for Research Insights: Tool for Creating Infographics

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Hey-Ho! New Google Tool for Infographics Fans – Google Databoard for Research Insights. This is good news, is not it?

Google has developed a tool to create a custom infographic for which data are collected and analyzed by a special research department of the corporation. The tool, called Google Databoard for Research Insights is designed for representatives of business and should be a very effective source of official, checked and regularly updated data on various aspects of Internet using.

Google databoard for Research Insights

It is reported that representatives from Google promise to regularly monitor the statistics and regularly bring the latest information on a range of different aspects. Currently available studies such as The New Multi-screen World, Mobile In-store shopper research, Mobile search moments and others. Created infographics can be easily shared with other users via the popular social services.

The developers say that the basis for the new instrument formed three key things: ease of use, the ability to easily distribute content and the ability to always return to the researches, as the results are constantly updated. BUT Google Databoard for Research Insights uses the data for the U.S. only.

What you can do with Google Databoard for Research Insights?

  • The Databoard helps you explore Google research studies and find insights that are relevent for your business. (Begin by choosing a study that looks interesting or jump directly to the topic. Each topic has a collection of data panels.)
  • You can share individual insights.
  • You can curate a custom infographic with data points from available studies.
  • You can share your infographics.
  • Google Databoard for Research Insights is optimized for all devices – PC, tablets and smartphones.

Watch the official Google video presentation. My hands are itching to try the new service. And what about you?

Wait for the next article with review and with the first infographics!

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