The Secret of Creating Great Google Plus Posts

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Google+ has never and will never reach the stage of Facebook. It cannot even get to the point of competing with Twitter. In fact, at the moment it is struggling to compete with Pinterest. But, it does have a few people on it which makes it a free advertising and communication platform. It is also not fading into the background like MySpace has (or did, or is doing). You can write great Google Plus posts if you take note of the tips listed below.


Make your Google Plus post relevant to your user

When you write a blog post you write it to match the theme if your blog. When you write an article for a website then you match the theme of the article to the theme of the website. When you write your Google+ posts you are supposed to match it to your viewers. It is unlikely that you are attracting people without some sort of theme or topic. There must be some selling point to your Google+ profile that is drawing people to you. Find that theme and start writing posts that relate to it in some way. Make your content relevant to your users and you will be set.

Take your time over it

Too many people do not bother to take care and attention with their social media posts because social media is free and the conversion rates are so low. But, if all people took a lot of time and effort with their posts, then the world of social media may have more people logging on for a read in the same way they do with article websites.

If you still cannot stomach the idea of spending hours on your social media posts then do this. Every time you write a post, copy it to a document and save the document. After a few months or a year when you have gathered together quite a few posts on file, you should get yourself a blog and a blog schedule tool.

Upload the blog posts to the scheduling tool and allow it to post them all as blog posts automatically for weeks on end. When the cycle is over you should have a new batch of posts to upload to your scheduler. That way you can rest assured that your Google Plus posts were worth spending their time on because you get something a little more permanent out of it.


Great Google Plus Post Simple by Demian Farnworth

Do your research but don’t rely on it

The Internet is mostly made up of lies and even the people who produce the lies still deny the fact because they do not realize they are adding to global ignorance. Yet, most of what you read online is going to be dramatically out of context or just a mistruth. That is why you can do your research, but do not rely on it.

For example, you may want to do a post about people with Aspergers Syndrome and lying. You may read several essays on people with Aspergers Syndrome who cannot lie, but that does not mean you have to believe it. If you know for a fact that a close friend of yours has Aspergers and lies all the time then do not simply go along with your research. Take on board some of the things you read, but do not rely on it.

Do not write the same amounts consistently

This is a silly mistake that makes a Google+ profile less appealing to look at. The mistake is in making every post the same size, and the best example of why this is a bad idea is to use an example.

For example, if you were to find a website right now that had pages of jokes, watch how your reading patterns work. Let’s say the jokes are all of different lengths. You will tend to read the shorter ones first and skip the longer ones. If the jokes were funny then you will be invested enough to go back and read the longer jokes (hoping for the same giggle-fix). If they were poorly written then you would not have gone back and read the longer ones.

Imagine if all the jokes were the same long size. The chances of the reader becoming invested enough to read them are very low. The same applies to your Google Plus posts. People are going to look at the shorter ones first, so you need to make sure you have shorter ones to start with.

Decide upon a tone for each post

Your whole profile does not need a tone (though you can set one if you want). Just decide on a tone for each post. Do this deliberately. Do not allow a tone to appear. This is because you do not have the luxury of having a wishy-washy tone or point to your post. It needs to communicate how a person should feel about it from start to finish. Think of your posts as more like a snowball hitting your reader, whereas something such as a blog post has the luxury of hitting people with a fluffy pillow.

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