Google Ranking Factors: Is Your Domain SEO Friendly?

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Let’s start with the main points that you should consider at an early stage of building site – Google ranking factors relating to the domain name. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “What website domain to choose?”. The answer is very simple – of course, SEO friendly! Read the main Google ranking factors which concern domain name.

google ranking factors domain seo

What will help me to get top SERP positions? Or more clearly: What are the main Google ranking factors that influence on my position in the search engine result page for a definite keyphrase and what is their relative significance?

These are the key issues on what everyone engaged in SEO, from clients, bloggers, webmasters to agencies, wants and needs to know the answers. So, let’s find out some answers to make it clear.
Of course, Google does not disclose its secrets, so very few people know the exact answers to these questions and who can explain and enumerate all the Google ranking factors. All the Google ranking factors are known only to senior developers of search engines, and they are not likely to share secrets with us, ordinary webmasters.

However, thanks to the experience and knowledge, we can roughly determine the most important Google ranking factors determining the position in the search results.

Domain Google Ranking Factors

Your domain ageMatt Cutts mentioned that age of your domain, of course, is very important, but it’s not the main SEO factor.

google ranking factors age cutts

Matt Cutts

See the video below:


The domain name should include your keyword – do not worry if it does not. But it is better it to be so.

The first word in domain is your keyword – many authority sources agreed that it is better to place your keyword on the first place in your domain name.

Domain registration terms – It’s very simple – if the domain is paid for by a few years ahead, it gives Google a reason to assume that it is legitimate and non spammy.

google ranking factors google patent

From Google Patent


Use target keyword in your subdomain name – The same reason as the domain.

History of your domain positions – If your website  come under the filter (Panda, Penquin) in the past- Google knows about it. It’s like going to prison – it is very difficult to re-earn the trust. =)

Exact Match Domain name – it is certainly advantage for you. But this only works with quality sites.

google ranking factors cutts

From Matt Cutts Twitter

Public WhoIs information makes you Matt Cutts fellow – privacy is generally perceived as a sign that on your site you have something to hide.

google ranking factors m cutts

Matt Cutts


WhoIs owner penalization – If Google catch you on spamming, it will be more ‘attentive’ to your sites. Thuth.

Country Code Top Level Domain  – will help you rank your site in specific country (.ru, .ca, .pt), but not globally.

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