Guest Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Guest Blogger

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Today I want to talk about common guest blogging mistakes. We are all people and we all make mistakes. The most important thing – it is be able to analyze them and do not repeat. Never. Based on my and others’ experience I can identify such mistakes…

made mistake

1. Having no strategy

Define your guest blogging goal and come up with a strategy that supports it.

2. Targeting the wrong blogs

Target blogs by using keywords that will cover your topic of interest.

guest blogging mistakes

3. Not keeping records

Document all bloggers who you have reached out (to avoid pitching to the same blogger twice).

4. Addressing email “blog manager”

Emails addressed as “blog manager” are sure to end up in the trash bin. Research and find out the name of the blog manager. You can use Rapportive for this purpose (read the article “GUEST BLOGGING FOR BEGINNERS” ).

5. Not using connections

Find some mutual connection. Check your LinkedIn to see if you have some connections to the blogger.

6. Grammatical/ Spelling errors

Misspelled words and grammatical errors will steer a blog manager away. Tip: use Grammar Checking tools.

7. NO post idea (BIG guest blogging mistake)

Don’t ask if you can contribute a guest post without providing info of what you want to contribute. Try to provide an outline of what you like to contribute.

guest blogging mistakes

8. Suggesting old topics

Research the blog you’re pinching so you can propose a new and unique article with value.

9. Not selling your writing ability

If you don’t have mutual connections to help you, include a link to a couple of writing samples.

10. Ruthlessness

Relentlessly trying to publish on a blog is a turnoff to a blogger (& time wasting).

11. Ignoring guest guidelines

Make sure you strictly follow all guest blogging guidelines.

12. Not writing for the blog’s audience

Get an understanding of the audience. Research who reads the blog you’re writing for.

13. Not having the right tone and style

Make sure your post has the same sound and feel as other post on the blog, if it doesn’t it may be rejected.

guest blogging mistakes

14. Low Quality posts

Low quality work can eventually lead to being rejected. Impress the blog manager with high quality article that may lead to a new audience on your own blog/website.

15. Zero/Bad/Too many links

Check the blogging guidelines on outbound links. Normally 1 link is sufficient.

16. Post that are difficult to upload

Make it easy for the blob manager to load your post. Ask them how they’d like you to submit your draft. Blog managers will likely consider future contributions because of how easy you were.

17. Not perfecting your byline

Don’t forget to include your byline with your post. Check the blog guest blogging guidelines or look at other guest posts to see how it handles bylines. Keep your byline short!

That’s all, guys!


What guest blogging mistakes can you add?

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