Guest Blogging: 15 Important Points You Should Pay Attention To

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Guest blogger is a person who works hard just for one big and bright goal – to increase the traffic to his site. But, sometimes all these guest blogging efforts do not have any result. Why? Maybe you’re just missing some important factors. Have a look at this list of tips for a more thorough analysis of platform for placing your guest post.

guest blogging

1. Platform Niche

Pay attention to the thematic niche when choosing platform for guest blogging. It is not necessary that the niches were completely identical. It is also important to try to avoid matching the audience. Always offer valuable and qualitative thematic content.

2. Use SEO Metrics

Always check the quality of the platform on which you plan to post your guest blogging content. To do this, use metrics such as SEOmoz Domain Authority and Google Page Rank. Also you can make deeper research and check Alexa Rank, SemRush Traffic scores and other stats. Don’t forget about other signs such as comments ans social sharings. Check not only homepage, but also other pages.

3. Social Activity

Check the level of site’s social activity. Check the blog’s community activity on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

4. The Subscriber Count

Another important social and indicator for guest blogging is the number of subscribers.

5. Audience Quality

In order to understand the bulk of blog readers read through a few of the blog comments. Do not forget that Google pays attention to the content generated by readers. If the majority of comments are the spam message, it means that the blog has not very quality audience.

6. Previous Guest Authors

Check out the previous guest authors of this blog. Check the quality of their sites. Would you like to be their neighbor?

7. Blog Owner And Blog Design

A lot depends on the person who is the head of the blog, and the quality of the design of the site. Rate the background of the site, the quality of the site layout, etc.

8. Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest blogging guidelines should be clear, understandable and strict. If it is very easy to put the content on this blog, it means the blog admin is not serious about the quality of blog content.

9. Update Frequency

How often is the blog updated with new and fresh content?

10. Site Content

What constitutes the site content – its own articles, or only the guest posts? Most often, authoritative blogs publish their articles. But, of course, there are exceptions.

11. Regular Contributor Opportunities

Can you become a regular contributor? Blog, buyout cares about their reputation and the quality of content is likely to offer the opportunity to become a regular contributor.

12. Check The Blog’s Link Profile

Be sure to check the naturalness of the blog links in the blog’s link profile.

13. Hidden Possibilities

Look for guest blogging opportunities to publish a blog post on the blog, which is not publicly stated the interest in guest bloggers. This way you can work around your competitors and gain extra points.

14. Try Easier

If the top 10 best blogs as difficult to conquer as conquer Everest, try the blogs that were mentioned in those top ten blogs.

15. Use Lists

To find a reputable blogs in any niche, try using lists such as “Top 10 best blogs about [niche]”


 What tips you can add? Waiting for your comments!

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