5 Guest Blogging Sites to Publish Your Guest Posts

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Anyone doing high quality SEO is always looking for high quality back links. One perfect way to get great back links is by doing guest blogging.
This is not always so easy however. You can spend ages searching through the search engines, trying to find relevant websites then trying to get in contact with the webmaster only to have your guest blog post proposal rejected. Very frustrating. Luckily there is an easier way – guest blogging sites.

Guest blogging sites are networks where willing webmasters who are hungry to accept fresh blog content, put themselves forward for you to get in touch with them. There are lots of guest blogging sites out there but here are 5 of my favourites…

Bloggerlinkup.com – One of the guest blogging sites with delivery by mail

BLU guest blogging sites

Bloggerlinkup really is a hidden gem. When you register for this service (which is totally free!) you get regular emails which packed full of webmasters looking for articles to be written for their website.
Simply go through the list, cherry pick the ones which look appropriate and send them your article. It couldn’t be easier.

Postjoint.com – One of the guest blogging sites with Writer-Publisher system

PostJoint guest blogging sites

Postjoint is a little different, the way the service works is you simply upload your fully written blog post. The their automatic system will match up your content to the most relevant blogs on their database
If a webmaster likes what you have written they will accept your post and you will have your back link. At the time of writing this service is in beta so it is free to use.

Blogsynergy.com – Social network for Guest Blogging

blogsunergy guest blogging sites

Blogsynergy is a social network for guest bloggers and people looking to receive guest blogs. Browse, connect with others and then make guest posts happen!


guestblogit guest blogging sites

Guestblogit is another free social network for guest bloggers which allows you to submit your post for the market to review and accept. For free you can upload 1 post at a time or with their pro membership option you can have multiple posts uploaded for review at the same time.

Myblogguest.com – Guest Blogging community

Myblogguest guest blogging sites

The Myblogguest community is a great place to offer your writing services. Here writers and advertisers will list themselves in the directory, letting people know what topics they are looking for. You can easily find people who need your guest blog submissions here.

About the author: Joseph Bushnell is a digital marketing consultant from the UK. He runs a popular internet marketing blog, which you should check out if you want tips on all things SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing.

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