Top 130+ Guest Posting Sites for Guest Blogging (With Stats) {updated}

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Almost every blogger knows about guest posting and guest posting sites. But why we should pay attention on this way of getting links?
The biggest benefit assosiated with guest posting is the ability to gain a quality backlink. When writing a guest post you will want to include 1 or 2 links in the bio of the article back to your website. Also, guest posting helps you build relationships with other bloggers, improve your writing skills, increase your positions in SERP, generate target traffic and much more. So I want to not only give you a list of the Top 100+ guest posting sites, but also to tell what you should pay attention when choosing the site.

guest posting sites

So, let’s start. The most important thing in a guest posting is the quality of the resource on which you place your content and your link. The better resource indicators, the more “traffic juice” you get. When looking for guest posting sites for your guest posts, it is important to take into account such metrics:

PageRank (PR) of Guest Posting Sites

One of the reference ranking algorithms. Thus, to each of the sites is given a numerical value that measures its “importance” or “credibility” among other sites. In the flow chart, it looks like this:

guest posting sites Page rank formula

Screenshot form Wikipedia

That is, the links quality from guest posting sites are much more important than their surprising number.

Google Index (GI)

This metric shows how much Google-bot ‘likes’ this blog /website. When Google comes to the site, it scans all of its new and updated pages and add them to the Google index, ie record in the database for the SERP. If the robot is often comes to the site, then Google considers this blog is an important and useful. How often Google visits site, and the speed at which new pages are in the index – there are indicators of Google love. Want more – read Google Help Answer.

(Quick tip: to improve the indexing of your blog, create a site map. If you have a WordPress blog, then there are special plugins).

Guest Posting Sites Alexa Rank

Alexa is a Web company, based in California. They have created a special extension for web browsers (Alexa Toolbar). With this extension they are able to gather information about visiting websites, analyze it and transform it to their rank (Alexa Rank). Alexa Rank should not be more than 1,000,000 (less is better).

Domain Age

It is not very important, but it’s good when the the blog is old and trusted. You can read more in the post about domain SEO factors.

SemRush SE Traffic

SemRush shows your hypothetical traffic compared to your competitors. Emphasis on the word “hypothetical”. Semrush has its own metric that is calculated in the “parrots”. But the fact remains – the larger the value, the better.

P.S. ‘O k’ in the table means that this blog has less than 1000 SemRush SE Traffic per month. But all of these blogs already HAVE SE Traffic.

guest posting sites Semrush

From SeoMoz Forum

Top 100 Guest Posting Sites (With Stats)

If this post will get 25 G+ reposts – then I’ll publish the best top blogs for guest posting from different niches every week! And I have a lot of them =)

Enjoy the stat. Just click ‘next’. Also you can sort this stat by clicking on the column name.

Traffic Generation Caf?4130680k
Think Traffic5126864k
Firepole Marketing4362420k
Men with Pens6791380k
Social Media Examiner6211156k
Duct Tape Marketing5189089k
Denise Wakeman4866160k
Smart Passive Income541798k
Search Engine Journal6172150k
Search Engine People5127483k
Magnet 4 Marketing31360850k
12 Most4380956k
LKR Social Media5321250k
She Takes on the World51465520k
Work it, Mom!51407460k
Birds on the Blog4952080k
Social Fresh6306191k
Basic Blog Tips5123500k
The RedHead Writing Blog01836940k
Blog Godown4933360k
Blogging Tips2127221k
Smart Bloggerz3583530k
Famous Bloggers4144170k
John Chow565614k
Problogging Success3257960k
Quick Online Tips5260191k
We Blog Better4198820k
Work Happy Now45910300k
Brazen Life63544011k
Inspiration Feed5119008k
Self Growth660735k
Extraordinary Mommy42378041k
Pick the Brain52665820k
Roots of She411138040k
Psychology Today72964955k
The Psychology of Well-being412602050k
The Change Blog4920342k
Your Tango65821644k
Hack College67296928k
Organizing Junkie5603698k
Private Practice from the Inside Out32429650k
Digital Photography School65961136k
Web and Designers5546210k
Light Stalking43972219k
Steve’s Digicams62260048k
I Heart Faces49552610k
Tips Blogger21586230k
Smashing Magazine61070393k
Techie Buzz7420932k
Techie Blogger51955570k
Digital Inspiration32550125k
Trouble Fixers61335061k
Devils’ Workshop4357531k
Calling All Geeks41235170k
The Pragmatic Bookshelf33340315k
Site Point61001249k
The Kernel7406062k
Tech Walls5438510k
iTech Code3333490k
Tech At Last3901710k
Craving Tech81104700k
Write to done4418075k
Writers in Charge5332930k
Freelance Folder0290254k
Freelance Switch5958714k
Story Fix63138031k
Live Hacked52877000k
Make a Living Writing4354362k
The Sun Magazine433858036k
Hive Health Media5468980k
Kevin M.D.43652438k
Weight Loss Triumph61676792k
Natural News31796738k
Get Rich Slowly61304884k
Man vs. Debt6821438k
I Will Teach You To Be Rich61483016k
Five Cent Nickel61350878k
Modest Money5354890k
ComFree Blog7411342k
Investor Guide41141035k
Investment Yogi6772510k
Fat Wallet314941,012k
Money Saving Mom56635107k
Wise Bread51281089k
Saving Advice63934310k
One Cent at a Time5887861k
Financial Highway31424550k
Financial Sense48534412k
Food Sense51741390k
Global Grasshopper5848940k
2 Backpackers41304940k
Boarding Area51058882k
Travel Supermarket51241613k
The Glove Box Blog6476170k
Matador Network4913334k
Inspiring Travelers6840190k
Dangerous Business4926700k
Velvet Escape3739790k
Baby Center56443,684k
Modern Mom63266847k
Extraordinary Mommy42378041k
Huffington Post58030,875k



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