How To Be Creative And Productive Writer And Create First-Class Content

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We all love the finished result – written article. But how difficult it is to force myself to sit down at the computer and write!  One time Dorothy Parker said: “I hate writing. I enjoy having written.” This sounds familiar? Of course, yes! This article is about how to be creative and productive writer and creat first-class content.


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1. Take quick notes

If you want to become productive writer you should always be fully prepared: always have your pen and notebook on hand. Any creative person knows that “force” yourself to write are create something is a stupid idea. Very rarely we can get something “delicious” out of this.

Ideas come to us spontaneously and unexpectedly – in the shower, in the bread department supermarket, public transport.

For those who came out of the Stone Age and got tons of useful technical equipment – there is a great app – Evernote. With this app you can every time and everywhere write down and keep the information you need, and then easy find it by using the keyword search.

2. Try Productive Writers’ Secret Method

You cannot focus on work. Different thoughts crawl into your head, confuse you and hinder become productive writer? Sound familiar? Your brain is like a computer that is overloaded with unnecessary processes and viruses. You need a cleaning!

For this purpose we have proven writer method – stream-of-consciousness writing. Just write down all thought that comes into our mind. Forget about grammar, ethic, logic and punctuation – just don’t stop writing. Thus you clear your mind of garbage and focus on the right things.

3. Draw your own mind map

Visualization is the path to understanding. Sometimes our ideas are not made  up of clauses, but stop at the stage of visual images. Take a colored pen and draw a scheme of your ideas. Start with keywords, paragraphs, sub-paragraphs. That way you get a visual scheme of your article.

Sometimes I use special program – MindJet – to help me in this issue.

 4. Blow off steam

For a productive writer is important to “ventilate” the brain from time to time. Go for a walk, play with your cat / dog / child. This will prevent you from nervous tension and compulsive need to “write-when-you-do-not-want-to”.

Creativity needs freedom and freshness, and the stress and headache is the worst writer enemies. A piece of dark chocolate and a walk on my bike – it’s my best medicine. Ernest Miller Hemingway preferred a glass of strong whiskey. The choice is yours, find your way to relieve stress and find inspiration.

 5. Be thankful

Rather than sit around and feeling sorry for myself – think about what you are thankful for. Think about your family, work, friends and loved ones. The charge of positive thoughts will attract to you “the Muses of creativity”.

Not long ago I read a wonderful book “Happiness for no reason” by Marci Shimoff, which reveals the infinite possibilities of happiness and positive thinking. Think positive!

 Some extra tips

  • Make your work space comfortable and creative.
  • Use brainstorming method to find new opportunities and ideas. Ask your friends, family or colleagues to help you in your creative stupor and inable your productive writer’s skills.
  • Understand the basic rule – anyone can fail. Do not be afraid to take risks.
  • Follow the latest news in your niche, be in trend.


What you usually do when you feel creative stupor?

Share your Ideas!

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