How To Get More Post Comments On Your Articles

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Why you should pay attention to post comments?

For whom do you create content – for search engines and robots, or for visitors and real people? Post comments show the quality of your traffic, the activity of your visitors and level of your content.

post comments

How user generated content can help your SEO?

• Post comments usually produce unique, niche related content with long-tail keywords. This factor really can increase your ranking and positions in SERP. See example by Jacob Klein:

post comments google
• You can build your own blog community; it means you’ll have constant visitors. You know what I mean… 😉

Now Action – Get More Post Comments!

1. Content Quality

From what tips the authors usually start their articles on similar subjects? Of course, the quality of the content. Your content must be qualitative, interesting, create the desire to discuss, share, and comment on. It’s not as easy as it seems at first glance. A very important role played by the originality and uniqueness of the subject. Do not make dry and boring content – dilute it with examples, questions, data research.

2. Have a call to action

Encourage your readers to leave the post comment, council with them, ask their opinion, and ask to share the experience.

3. Make the comment process as convenient and affordable as possible

Do you really need the required fields for post comment? Your CAPTCHA is more like a test to determine the level of IQ? Pay attention to the usability of the commenting process. Very many people are afraid to leave their data on blogs. Reassure your visitors that this information will not be used against him (spam, mailing, etc.). In fact, all you need is user’s love… also his/her nickname, email and, in fact, comment. Everything else is just going to be superfluous barrier.

4. Post comment placement

Often a large variety of widgets, social buttons, “related articles”, ads, banners distract the reader from commenting. Not everyone have the patience to scroll to the end of the page to leave a comment. Of course, all this is very important and necessary, but understand your reader’s feelings!

post comment simple

To avoid this problem, you can make a special link or button that will throw the reader directly to the post comments.

5. Social connection

Add the “enter through Social Media” function – it will make the post commenting process much easier and faster.


6. Reward winners

Encourage your visitors and readers to come back with commenter rankings and award system. You can integrate a simple database for count user’s post comments. Use funny and cool titles like “Newbie”, “Obi Wan”, “Jedi”, “Master Yoda”, etc. Something like this you can see on MyBlogGuest :


7. Take part in discussions

This item does not require comment =)

8. Email notification about reply/new comment/etc.

This will allow you to gently remind your readers about your blog. If you are considering to add this feature to your blog or website try this WP plugin – Comment Reply Notification.

post comment reply notification

9. Last thing – don’t forget about tracking your results!

Track your progress using Google Analytics or any other analytic tool.


And what tricks can you add?

Waiting you in post comments! )

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