How to Make a Blog User-Friendly

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If your blog is user friendly, then people are more likely to visit it repeatedly, and are less likely to bounce when they first see your posts. Many wonder how to make a blog user-friendly because they think that it will get them more traffic, and they are right. It will make your blog more popular and Google likes websites that are more user-friendly (hello, Matt Cutts!), so if yours is user friendly, then there is a higher chance of Google ranking it up higher through the search engine results pages. The next argument – if you like your readers, you’ll make your blog comfortable. I like my readers, and you?.. 🙂

Navigation is a big issue – but not a massive one

Navigation around your website is one factor on how to make a blog user-friendly that you should not ignore. However, with a regular website, any navigation issues are of paramount importance, but with a blog, your navigation is not such a big deal. This is because people are not often looking for a very specific section on your blog. They may simply be looking for a certain post, or are more likely looking for your most recent post.

Where people on a website may be looking for a shipping section, or a tools section, people on your blog are probably looking for a subject or the most recent post. You can help them find a subject by listing your blog posts in the order that they were published. You can help them find the most up to date blog post by having it appear first when people type in your blog domain name.

Suggested posts are very good

This is a great answer to the question of how to make a blog user-friendly. A suggested post at the bottom of each blog post is going to help each user find something that interests them. Make sure that your suggested posts have something to do with the post that the user has just read, as this is more likely to stimulate that user’s interest.

You can also use recent post or popular post list. If you have WP blog, simply install some WP plug-in such as “Resent posts“or “Random Post“.

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Quick to load blog posts are important

A fast loading time is important when it comes to how to make a blog user-friendly. Your blog posts need to render very quickly so that the user doesn’t bounce instantly, and needs to load quickly so that the user does not become bored or frustrated. If the user is flipping between one post and another, then a fast loading time is a very user-friendly thing to have.

Tip: Use W3 Total Cashe plug-in for WP to make your blog faster. Read more about must-have WP plug-ins.

Inoffensive visuals, graphics and layout

Some people simply do not know how to make a blog design look stylish and elegant. Some people think that their blog needs to look like a kids’ TV advert in order to keep the attention of the user. The fact is that the user is coming back to your blog because of the content and not the design. There is no amount of flashy design that is going to make your user look at your blog any harder.

If anything, it is better to avoid bold colors and flashy design. You do not have to create a conservative design, but just try to keep it in good taste. Ideally, you should create a design that matches the blog topic. For example, having dark designs for a blog on horror films, and a green feeling for blogs of an environmental feel.

How to make a blog easy to read

Some people ask how to make a blog more useable with the text itself, and there are two ways things you should remember. The first is that the text should be laid out and formatted in a way that makes it easy to read. It should have enough white space so that it is not uncomfortable to read, and headings will also make it easier to skim read. The second is the content itself, which means creating content that is not bloated or flimsy. The most un-user friendly content is that which is loaded with fluff.

The worst bloggers do not know how to make a blog without adding lots of fluff. Fluff means adding words, sentences, and even paragraphs that could be easily cut out without affecting the quality of the blog post. There is a fine line between a style and a pleasing read, and simply adding words and sentences to increase the word count of the post.

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