The Best Websites to Learn HTML and CSS for Novice Bloggers

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If you are new to programming of any kind, then it is going to seem like something you will never learn. This is mainly because it is like learning a new language, except that it is all alien and there is nothing that resembles things you already know. Luckily, HTML and CSS programming is the easiest type of programming, and you do not need any sort of decompiling or edit software. All you need at the bare minimum is the notepad word processor that comes free with Windows.

html_css_for blogging

Learning about this sort of thing is difficult if you do not have the right teacher. A beginner needs to start from nothing, and the teacher needs to be aware of this. Too many programmers are so set in their ways that they jump straight into the process without appreciating how hard it is for the new beginner. It is like watching a child take its first steps and then asking it to ride a BMX. The websites listed on this website are as guilty of this sin as all the websites of this nature. But, the way they teach is of such a high quality that when you do get a feel for it – you will start to pick it up quicker.



The course starts out by telling you that it is completely free. This is not true, as they do have a premium section that they charge for. What they actually mean is that they will get you up to a semi competent level and then offer you advanced paid features. They start with a small course introduction, which then moves on to creating your first page.

It is all done with videos, and starts by giving you the basics before giving you a taste of a few web design techniques. The taster sessions show you how to do different web design techniques and gets you up to a level where you may learn them yourself from different sources. It gives you the ability to do it on your own from that point.


This is a very colorful website that has clearly been designed by a person who knows what he or she is doing. It is very reassuring to see a well-designed website on website that is supposed to teach web design. If you move the browser around you will also see that it is both reactive and static, which is also very clever.

Simply look through the types of programming that you want to learn and then click the one to start with. You are better off starting with HTML to start with. Do not worry about HTML5 in the beginning, as it is more like a HTML extension as oppose to an alternative. Click on the tutorials and you may start to educate yourself about website design and development, and you may do it at your own pace.

HTML Code Tutorial

This website was clearly designed for a man and by a male workforce. That is not because it is draped with naked ladies, but because the website gets straight to business and lays it all out on the homepage for you. Just take a look at the page and you will see a list of links. Each of these links goes to places such as tutorials on how to add images or how to use forms. It is a very straightforward and frank look at web design that is probably not suitable for a person who prefers to have his or her hand held during the first learning stages.

Tutorial Point


Contrary to the website listed above, this is a website created by a female designer that is aimed at men. Sadly, it is a poor design filled with pictures of women, including lots of images of women doing anything but programming. Still, despite these terrible attempts at marketing, some of the information on the site is very useful. It is useful because it has more options than some sites. It does offer HTML and CSS, but also offers things such as Perl and Ruby tutorials.


This is a website design-teaching website that is not a professional construct. It is obviously the work of a small group who are simply giving knowledge to people. It may not be perfect for fresh faced new designers, but if you already have vague idea about website design, then you may use this website. It has lessons about CSS, HTML and JavaScript, and it is full of information from three nerds. This may sound like a bad thing, but personal programmers such as these three are often more privy to pieces of code and coding techniques that you won’t find in books and professional videos, so it is worth a look.

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