Must Have Image Creation Tools for Bloggers

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You made a blog you write content. You even have regular readers and search traffic. But does your blog have its own style? I can help you with your visual blogging stuff, cool down ūüėČ I want to share with you some great image creation tools¬†for creating blog post images. I use these tools every single day. Hope they can solve your visualizing problems.


  • Let’s start with Canva. Canva is free (not all – some stuff you can buy for $1.00) online-tool for image creation. Here you can create different types of documents (BTW, my new facebook cover was created using Canva).


  • Tones of backgrounds, ready-to-use templates, pictures, lines, icons and more.


  • You can choose from ready-made templates (poster, A4, photo collage etc. ) or create your own design.


  • When your design is ready, you can download it in two formats – .pdf and .img.


Next free (the same thing – some functions are paid, but you can do without them) online tool that can make blogger’s life much¬†easier – PicMonkey.¬†As in the previous tool, here you can¬†edit photos with different filters, add different icons, effects, backgrounds, etc.


Here you can create great pics to illustrate your post content. Make it shareable!¬†Both of these tools are ‘drag and drop’¬†and have little training program.


Skitch is tool by Evernote. “Fewer words! You will be able to convey any idea much faster using signatures, shapes, arrows and sketches.” Simple, easy to use. You have to download Skinch¬†on your computer,¬†install it and enjoy. I use this tool to ‘smear’ some names, logins etc. on my screenshots. Also you can easily add your pic to some mail or file, in one click.



My favorite screenshot tool. Using Jing you can make screenshots, customize them, share through the short link and even create a videos. And it’s free! BTW, all screenshots on Blogoloola was made by Jing. Little video tutorial for you:

Hope this information is helpful, just use these image creation tools and be happy;)

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