Site Web Design – 5 Ways To Improve It From The Experts

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In most cases, the drop in sales of a business is because of a poor site web design. A website which has an imperfect theme, dysfunctional sitemap, incomprehensible use of fonts and undesirable loading time is bound to experience high bounce and low conversion rates.

Here are some tips from the site web designing experts to make visitors stay longer on your website:

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#1. A Logo which Links to your Homepage

According to the senior content marketing manager at ReachLocal, Tiffany Monhollon, “the logo is an important part of your brand”, and therefore, believes that it has a prominent role to play in creating a favorable image in the minds of the visitors. Upper-left corner is the most preferred space to place the logo. Tiffany feels that a logo shouldn’t just be present on the upper-left corner of the homepage, but on each of the pages of the website. In order to make navigation easier, make sure that visitors can click on the logo and return to the homepage.

#2. Invest in Professional Photography

Director of Community Relations at Fahrenheit Marketing, Zane Schwarzlose is of the opinion that website visitors are smart and can understand within a second if the photos are the commonly used ones. General photos will leave a general impression on them. So, how will you show them that your company is creatively better? “Investing in a professional photographer for high-quality original photos is a very smart move”, says Zane.

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#3. Use Responsive Site Web Design

With the growth of mobile devices as the preferred medium to access the Web, it has become necessary to opt for responsive site web design. This allows the website to get adapted to different browser sizes. Online marketing director of Wixon Jewelers, Jayme Pretzloff firmly believes that it is “not feasible to develop a website for each device”. Having a single website which works equally well on every device is a step towards the future.

#4. Forget Flash

The days of Flash are as good as over. Darrell Benatar, the Chief Executive Officer of wonders, “Why go for Flash when there are other options which are much more user-friendly?” He believes that HTML5 works better with mobile operating systems and also does not require any plug-in. HTML5 is also more favored by the search engines.

#5. Visitors need Breathing Room

“Visitors need to soak in the features which your business website has to offer. And for that you need to have enough spaces in the layout”, feels Paul Novoa, the founder of Novoa Media. In the era where less is more, controlling white space between texts and images has become mandatory. A well-arranged content with proper spacing and arrangements will improve user experience.

Author Bio: Aston Abraham is from the Quality analyst support team of a growing site web design company in San Diego. He is also an avid blogger, and writes on the different site web design and development techniques.

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