In House or Outsourced Web Design? What Should You Consider?

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One of the issues that emerge when setting up a company website is whether the IT department or an outside web design company should handle the task. There are those who think that in-house designing is better, but many think that hiring a professional is better. The truth is that each situation is different, and a number of things need to be considered. Here are some things to think about:

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The Requirements

The specific requirements the company has of the website must be considered when choosing between in-house and outside web designers. The biggest advantage of letting the company’s IT department manage the web design is that it is more familiar with the company’s image, products and services. Therefore, it might be in a better position to create a website in-line with the company’s plans.

As long as the IT department has competent web designers that can create a purposeful website, then in-house web designing might be the better option. However, if the IT department does not have experienced website designers, it would be best to outsource.

A professional and experienced web designer can work with the company to determine its target audience, shop for the most ideal ISP, set up a brand aligned website, as well as design, post and advertise the company’s Web Pages. The consultant can also provide a wide variety of solutions related to logistics and traffic jamming, as well as web performance monitoring.

Budget on web design

If a company designs its website in-house, the costs will generally be lower, whereas outsourcing for the same services will be higher. Therefore, a small company operating on a tight budget may find it economical to design its own website, while a large company with more money to spend may find it easier to involve a professional web designer to do the job, rather than having its own people spend time on the project and take away time from their normal responsibilities.

Human and fiscal Resources

Setting up a website requires both human and fiscal resources. The people required on the human resources team will include a marketing leader with adequate online expertise, a skilled graphic designer, a web developer, a skillful copywriter and a reliable project manager. If a company has a team of experts and a budget that will support the web design project, then it should do the job in-house. If it lacks both or either of the two, then it would be better to outsource the job.

It is obvious that the task of setting up a competitive website requires sufficient resources and some forethought. A website can be designed in-house as long as the company has the right people for the job, who have the time to take it on. Where money is not a concern, an outside team might be better suited to develop a website. Regardless of the option that is chosen, a well-designed website has the potential to make or break a company’s online presence so it is important to decide after thinking it through.

Richard is a regular blogger on web design and web development blogs. Over the last 4 years, Richard has published numerous articles on prominent blogs. When he is not working, Richard manage a team of developers for one of Australia’s leading magento agencies.

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