Learning More About Link Removal

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Link removal means a lot of things online, so this article covers a few link removing ideas and techniques. The most common reason for link removal is because the outgoing links are now damaging the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a website, or the incoming links (known as backlinks) are damaging the SEO of the page. If you are going to remove links then it is a good idea to look at the Google blogs to get an idea of what to do in your situation.

link removal

Link Removal Rules

Broken link checking is needed at the start, in the middle and at the end

If you are looking into achieving better SEO by tidying up your backlinks our outbound links, or even your internal links, then a broken link checker is your friend. Start by running a scan to see if you have any broken links that need changing, fixing or deleting.

Then, run a check during your link management process (however many hours, days or weeks it takes). This will help you to identify any mistakes you are making that are causing more broken links. It may also help you track down your website bugs. When you are all finished tidying or managing your links, you should run a check again to be sure you have not left any broken links on your website.

Remove them from other domains and you are clean

If you are looking to remove a backlink (an incoming link) from another domain, if you do it then you need not do anything else. There is no further procedure to follow. Once the backlink is gone, then that is it. You do not need to think about redirects or try to update Google or its search engine results pages in any way.

Remove outgoing links from your website to others and you are clean

If you are looking to remove an outgoing link from your website that points to another, then simply go to the page and remove it completely. Save and update your website so that it is published without the link and that is all you need to do. Again, there are no further actions needed online or with your website. The person you linked to may ask why you removed it, but you probably had your reasons.

Ask for their removal from some sites

If you want a backlink removing from another site, then ask the web master if it may be removed. Sometimes the web master will remove it for you when he or she has a spare minute. Other people may be a little meaner about it or just ignore you. The fact is that you can only ask, as there is very little you can do beyond that.

Remove them from other sites personally if you have access

If your link is on an article site or a forum where you are able to adjust your insertion then remove your backlink personally. If you can to it then do, and after you have done it then there should be no more reason for action. You may want to delete the whole page that it comes from if you want, but as for further action there is really nothing else you need to do.

A few bad links is no reason to delete a page

If you notice that a few bad links are there in your backlink profile, then there is no reason to panic. If it were that bad then Google would have penalized you by now. So, do not panic and start to think about the things you can do to even the balance.

You can just get a few more very good backlinks and forget all about your bad backlinks. Google expects a few bad backlinks anyway because it knows you cannot control every backlink that is pointed at your website. So do not let a few bad backlinks worry you too much.

If you have lots of bad backlinks and cannot remove them, then consider deletion

This is when you should consider removing the page completely. If you simply cannot get the backlinks removed from other domains and it is clearly causing a big drag on the web pages SEO, you may consider deleting the page from your website. This is going to cause you lots of little problems that you are going to have to go through and fix, but it may be your last option other than just living with it.

Once deleted, you are going to have to add in a 404 / 410 status code to let Google know that you have deleted it on purpose. You will also have to check to rest of your website to see if you have left any broken internal links that need fixing. You will have to change your sitemap and any menus that lead to the web page. You may also want to contact the good backlinks and tell them that the page is gone (they now have a broken link) and maybe politely request that they link to the page you replaced it with or to another one of your pages.

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