Best Practices on How to Make Money Blogging

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It is possible to make money blogging, but it is not possible to become famous or rich by doing it. Some so-called online experts have launched big propaganda campaigns trying to get people to start blogging because it will make them rich and/or famous. The fact is that nobody has become rich or famous through blogging without already being rich and famous.

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But, this does not mean there is not money to be made. It is possible to make a little bit of money with blogging, although you may struggle to make a living blogging. Here are a few of the best practices when it comes to making money blogging.

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Sell blog posts such as reviews

There are some websites out there that offer to pay you to write a blog post, and this is the most direct answer to how to make money blogging. They are looking for people who already have a blog and are already receiving a lot of traffic. They offer you a small amount of money in order for uploading a review or an article that praises a certain company or a product. If your post gets enough traffic then they are paid for your blog post.

Be wary of these sites, as there are very few honest and legitimate ones. Many of them are looking to take advantage of the millions of bloggers out there. Some of them do this by paying you a tiny amount for your post, and others do it by simply ripping you off. They will do something such as offer to pay you after your post has been uploaded for a while, or pay you at the end of each month, or if your account goes over $50. All of these methods may be employed by real companies, and they may also be employed by the bad ones.

The trick is to make you wait to be paid, so that by the time you realize you are not going to be paid, the company has already had weeks of good publicity from what you posted on your blog.

Remove older posts, refresh and repost them

This is a way of using those old blog posts that are no longer looked at. Check your analytics to be sure that they have not been looked at in a long time. Take them offline, update them, refresh them, and make sure they look great, and repost them. You then have new material to post for new affiliate advertising money.

Get lots and lots of traffic

It is close to painful having to suggest this because almost all blogs concentrate on this factor above all others. It is possible to make a lot of money with just a little bit of traffic, but if you are playing the numbers then the more traffic you have then the more chance you are going to make more money.

Sadly, more people concentrate on getting traffic harder than they concentrate on how to make money blogging. If you use your brains a little, you will see that only a small section of your audience are going to help you make money blogging. The rest of your audience is made up of people who are just looking. You need to concentrate on attracting the tiny buy lucrative moneymaking viewers.

In summation of that vital tip, yes–getting more traffic is a good thing, but try to temper your efforts around the fact that you make more money with good ideas and thought, rather than simply getting lots of traffic. Putting it another way, you can fish in bigger and bigger ponds that have more fish in and you can do it with an empty hook. Or, you can work on your bait and catch a fish no matter which pond you drop your line into.

Promote your blog posts… and then make money blogging!

Do this through affiliate networks, social media networks, emails, and cross promotion with other websites. If you promote your blog posts then there is a bigger chance of you making more money on them.

Affiliate advertising is the most common monetization method

Affiliate adverts are everywhere because the programs are very easy to sign up to, and it takes very little effort on the part of the blogger. This is the most common answer to how to make money blogging. They are also so common that it is hard for people to boycott websites and blogs that have affiliate adverts. They are annoying, but they are part of the Internet that we all have to put up with.

If you want to make money blogging through affiliate advertising on your blog, then try to write posts that would interest the people looking at the adverts. For example, if your affiliate adverts are selling lawn-mowing equipment, then write posts about gardening, lawn maintenance, horticulture, landscaping, etc (you get the idea). If you can attract the target audience that the adverts are trying to attract, then there is a bigger chance that your viewers will click on the adverts and make you some money.

Post a blog post every week

You must do this to maintain some form of consistency. It makes it easier for people to visit you each week. If your blog posts are not consistent, then people may start to think your blog is slowly being abandoned. Plus, it is better to have your viewers looking at your blog on a weekly basis so that they get into the habit of visiting.

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