Ways to Make Money From Your Blog That You Might Not Have Thought Of

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Most of us are short of a penny or two, and it never hurts to top-up your income by monetizing your blog. However finding ways to make a reasonable amount of money without annoying your viewers can be difficult, so here is a list of a few says that you can make money from your blog that might has passed you by. It’s probably not a good idea to implement them all, for fear of losing viewers, but one or two of these won’t hurt anyone.

Advertise items you have for sale

Are you selling something on eBay, or do you have an Amazon store? You can include the Amazon or eBay widgets on your page so that people can see what you’re selling. In fact even if you haven’t got the technical knowledge to include a widget you can just post links in the occasional blog post. It’s a good way to get your name out there, especially if you are a relatively new store with few visitors. In fact people might even get themselves a cheap bargain that they would have otherwise missed!

Get paid to review products

One way that many bloggers are turning to now to make money is product placement in their blog posts. Lots of companies approach bloggers with large audiences, but if you aren’t approached you always have the option of asking them for products to review. The money is usually much better than using affiliate adverts, as they know that people are more likely to read a blog post because they trust you. Of course you don’t want to write a paid review three times a week because your viewers won’t want to feel as if you are using them, but the occasional review is absolutely fine.

prweb make money blogging

For example, PRWeb makes money on posting paid reviews.

Use affiliate adverts

If you are getting started with affiliate advertising you might want to take a look at Google AdSense and see if you like their program. It’s the most well-established and reputable affiliate advertising programs available, and you are almost guaranteed an income as long as you have regular visitors. There are other networks out there that pay a bit more and offer greater flexibility, but you should be wary of websites which are scams. For more affiliate marketing tips visit vsip.org

Find a sponsor for your blog

A sponsor for your blog is one way that you can make a large sum of money very easily, but only if you have a well-known blog that is successful. You are likely to struggle to find a sponsor, especially if you are a smaller blog, but once you do it will be worth your while. The sponsor will usually ask that you promote their website or products through your posts, but as long as you are clever about it you shouldn’t see it harm your traffic; after all they don’t want to sponsor your blog just to see it lost all of its viewers.

Advertise your company or eCommerce website

Make sure that you link to your company or eCommerce website in your blog posts. If you don’t you are wasting a huge market opportunity that you probably can’t afford to lose. It’s more than just getting a large amount of traffic to your website: see if you can install Facebook ‘like’ buttons or if you can gain Twitter followers – anything that gets your company out there is always positive.

Pay-per-view posts

This is something which you should be very, very careful of but can work out to be a lucrative system if you implement it correctly. Unlike all of the other posts here it requires you to directly ask people who view your content for money, rather than advertisers or sponsors paying you. For this post I am going to use two examples and details about how they made this system work, but you should note that it won’t work for everyone and you have to have an excellent product worth paying for.

The first method that was used was by an enterprising young web programmer. He treated this system much like you might an online tutorial course. He offered to reveal a coding tip in each blog post, which you had to pay to view. He used lots of effects which – at the time – were little known and inspired people to want to know how to do what he was doing. He had already built up the audience that he required and started to charge for some posts which revealed the most important tips, while making sure that those who didn’t pay knew what they were missing out on. If you can implement a similar system it could pay off.

The second example is a student who was fed up with people asking him to help with their assignments. He was well-known as being very intelligent, and the premise of his blog was to help with assignments that he had scored very well in. Rather than give his advice for free, the student offered a pay-per-view blog system where for each post you had to pay to reveal his tips. It worked and he made a decent living throughout college just by writing blog posts about assignments he had already completed.

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