Marketing Secrets: Homeless Marketing from Homeless People

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Marketing Secrets have not came to Earth from another planet and have not been brought to people by the prophets. They emerged from the human experience and observation skills. And who has more time for observation than our homeless brothers? I offer you a short article about some marketing secrets for copywriters that we can learn from the homeless street guards.

Marketing Secrets: #1 Play with the human imagination

marketing secrets from homelessTitle: Time Traveller Help! Need $ for new Flux Capacitor.

Moral: Do not be afraid to surprise people, catch their interest with your proposal and unleash their imagination!


Secret # 2 Be creative

2Title: Family kidnaped by ninjas. Need $ for karate lessons.

Moral: If you have nothing good to say, then say something funny.

Marketing secrets: #3 Do not be afraid to try something new

3Title: Bet you can’t hit me with a quater

Moral: People are too used to the fact that they are offered to buy something, to give their money, etc. So we have only one option – to be as creative as we can.

Secret #4: Use of celebrities

4Title: I slept with Lindsay Lohan last week – please, help.

Moral: Use the glory of others for the benefit of the business/blog/brand.

Marketing secret #5: Do not praise yourself

5Title: Too ugly to prostitute, too stoopid to steal

Moral: Do not flatter yourself – people wouldn’t believe. Tell the truth to others and to yourself.

Secret #6 Be straightforward

6Title: Homeless Bill needs rich woman.

Moral: Ask for what you need, and be polite.

Secret # 7: Be honest

7Title: Why lie? I need a beer!

Moral: Lying is bad and it is always, sooner or later, becomes publicly known.

Secret #8: Support people

8Title: Help fight hobophobia

Moral: Be useful to people, help them and take care of your customers/readers/clients. This will be rewarded.

Marketing secrets: #9 Be humble

9Title: Will take verbal abuse for $1.00

Moral: Modesty adorns the person. This is a good way to won the sympathy of your target audience.

Last marketing secret – # 10: In fact, no one cares

Blah, blah, blah… money
Blah, blah, blah… food
Blah, blah, blah
Who reads signs anyway?
Anything helps. Thank you.

Moral: Everyone is too busy with far more important matters. Be clear, concise in your demands and promises.


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