Most Popular Personal Blogs Written by Women (Tech and Social Media)

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Have you noticed that when people say ‘tech blogger’, usually they have in mind the male blogger. Is this true? When you read the next “Top … most popular personal blogs” then in the list are blogs that belongs to men. No, here we are not talking about feminism or gender inequality. This article has been written and compiled for the sake of justice.

most popular personal blogs women

Women may also be experts in SEO, SMM, Internet marketing or Tech gadgets. Plenty of women have wonderful, interesting and hot blogs about what is generally considered as a male activity. You don’t believe me? Read the list of the most popular personal blogs written by women – Tech and Social media. Women, be inspired!

 Most Popular Personal Blogs Written by Women – Tech

Name: VeronicaBelmont
Author: Veronica Belmont
In this blog, Veronica writes about different trends in the tech world with amusing enthusiasm and zest for life.

VB most popular personal blogs

Screen from Veronica’s Facebook account

Name: Webmama
Author: Barbara Coll
Barbara has 15 years in the biz in her pocket. So, I’m sure you have something to learn from her.

wmm most popular personal blogs

Name: Leah’s Blog
Author: Leah Culver
From this blog you can get a lot of useful information, as Leah is an expert in the Tech and Internet field.

Name: Fast Wonder
Author: Dawn Foster
Dawn combines many years of experience and a keen mind, which is why her blog will be very useful for business people who want to keep up with the innovations.

Name: The New York Times Bits Blog
Author: Jenna Wortham
Her blog generally focuses on digital tips, tricks and gadgets, that people can use to make their lives easier. Before Jenna started write for NYT, she used to write for Wired.

Name: SheGeeks
Author: Corvida Raven
Blog was created by famous tech culture writer and savvy girl Corvida. She blogs about new tech tools and services.

SG most popular personal blogs

Name: But You’re A Girl
Author: Adria Richards
EETE – Endlessly Enthusiastic Technology Evangelist – this all about Adria and her fresh, energetic and vibrant blog.

Name: Technicultr
Author: Jessica Faye Carter
Jessica Faye Carter is CEO and author of Nette Media, so she knows all about technology and social media. Do not miss the opportunity!

Most Popular Personal Blogs Written by Women – Social Media

Name: Marketing Roadhouse
Author: Beth Schillaci
Beth is specialist and professional with years of experience in social media, content marketing and business industries. This means that her posts are helpful mix of how, when, who and why tips on different topics.

Name: Gwen Bell’s Blog
Author: Gwen Bell
You will definitely enjoy easy and unobtrusive way in which Bell talks about important things.

GB most popular personal blogs

Name: Social Business
Author: Jennnifer Leggio
This blog was created by Jennnifer Leggio who has been working with collaborative technologies for over 15 years. She and her team post useful tips about security, privacy and safety in WWW world.

Name: Very Official Blog
Author: Shannon Paul
This great author writes about different business objectives and how to achieve their performance, how social media amplifies and aligns with marketing, about how to build public relations and much more.

vob most popular personal blogs

Name: Techipedia
Author: Tamar Weinberg
Tamar is digital marketing specialist, social media consultant and tech geek at heart. How is it possible to combine it? Find out right now!

Well, now you see?
Making the analogy with the known expression “to have balls” – it can be said that many of bloggers “have boobs”. =)

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