Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Every Blogger

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According to WordPress, every WordPress plugins are ” programs, or a set of one or more functions, written in the PHP scripting language, that add a specific set of features or services to the WordPress weblog.”
WordPress plugins can extend the functionality of your blog in almost every imaginable way. Read on to find out more about the best & most essential WordPress Plugins for your site.

wordpress plugins


Cache Plugin

These increase site speed and prevent server overload.

W3 Total Cache uses script, page, browser, database and objects caching. It is used by top web portals and offers 10X improvement in the site performance.

May want to try: WP Super Cache

SEO Plugin

SEO WordPress Plugin allow you to optimize your tags, site structure, and much more to make your website more search engine friendly and improve your site rankings.

WordPress SEO by Yoast handles your SEO titles, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs and import functionality for the HeadSpace2 and All in One SEO plugins.

May want to try: All in One SEO, HeadSpace2

Social Bookmaking Plugin

Social bookmaking plugins allow visitors to spread your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Sharebar is an all powerful toolbar that adds a floating set of social buttons to your site. Sexybookmarks adds a beautiful set of social sharing buttons to posts.

Login Protection

Brute force hacks can be nasty it your website is not properly protected. These plugins stop hackers dead in their tracks.

Limited Login Attempts limits the number of times people can try to login before being locked out and notifies webmasters of suspicious activities.

May want to try: WP Login Security

Comment System

Having a more sophisticated comment system get your visitors more engaged in your community.

Intense Debate and Disqus are powerful comment moderation tools and enhance your comments with social/video sharing options, polls, and other tools.

Backup WordPress Plugins

Accidents happen all the time… creating WordPress backups is like having insurance.

BAckWPup backs up your WordPress export files, databases, and files to the cloud, local host, or e-mail.

May want to try: Backup Buddy

Maintenance Plugin

All webmasters need to take to maintain their web properties.

Vault Press is a service that maintains WordPress sites for webmasters. It covers disaster recovery, theme and plugin scanning, migration assistance, and other services.

URL Management

URL management plugins redirect the old URLs to the new ones (301) and keep track of outgoing links.

Redirection keeps track of URL changes and automatically adds a 301 redirection when the URL of a post is changed.

Anti Spam WordPress Plugins

Anti Spam plugins block spam messages.

Akismet is a free service for personal sites that keeps spammers at bay by checking comments against the Akismet web service to identify spam.

May want to try: Bad Behavior

Security Analysis

These plugins can identify and notify you of security threats.

Better WP Security applies common security techniques to your website and can patch many holes in one shot.

May want to try: WP Malwatch, Ultimate Security Checker

Contact WordPress Plugins

Contact plugins add contact forms to your website, giving your visitors a convenient way to contact you.

Contact Form 7 is a customizeable plugin that can handle multiple contact forms.

May want to try: Fast Secure Contact Form

Plugin Bundles

Plugin bundles offer multiple tools in one package.

JetPack is a plugin toolset that includes WordPless stats, sharing tools, a Twitter widget, short codes and short links. More tools are promised.


This is the list of the must-have WordPress Plugins. And what about you?

What WP Plugins you can’t live without?

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