On-site SEO concepts web designers need to know – Case Study

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Should on-site SEO be an implicit requirement for all web design projects? Moby Digital web design goals were to accomplish a very attractive website using the following technologies.

on-site SEO

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. Parallax Scrolling
  3. CSS3
  4. HTML5

Moby Digital focused on design, technology and technique however they did not consider SEO as one of the project requirements. They succeeded in designing a beautiful website as they were nominated in Awwwards but traffic wise, they could have accomplished more. In this case study, we will analyze the traffic to their website and compare it to a similar company who SEOed their website.
Before we dive into the case study we would like to define some important concepts.

3 Important SEO concepts web designers need to know

1. Search engine optimization has two main parts. On-site SEO and off-site SEO.
2. 30% On-site SEO + 70% Off-site SEO = 100% SEO
3. What is on-site SEO? This guide was published back in 2009 and it is still true today.

An example of on-site SEO

On-site SEO concepts

Note: Each URL targets a specific word or concept that a user may google or search to find a web design company.

Moby Digital’s On-site Optimization

Compared to the image above you can see that Moby Digital did not target specific keywords on their homepage.


On-site SEO concepts 2

Internal Page

On-site SEO concepts 3

Although this site appears to have on-site SEO, there is a significant flaw from a SEO point of view.
1. No one googles or searches by the keyword “skills” to look for a web design agency.
When analyzing Moby Digital’s website we can quickly tell that they did not consider onsite optimization (SEO) as a requirement for their project.
So the question is, what good is having a beautiful website if no one can find it? People google or search by brand name but they also search by keyword. We analyzed Moby Digital’s website traffic to see if they received traffic from non-branded keywords (keywords that are not related to their brand name).
Here are the results

Website without onsite SEO Traffic

On-site SEO concepts 4

We compared Moby Digital’s traffic to an agency that offers the exact same services but with a website that has SEO. Here are the results

SEO Web Design Agencies Traffic

On-site SEO concepts 5

As web designers, should you know how to design a SEO friendly websites? Will your clients assume you are taking into account SEO as part of the general web design? 79 vs 779 visits per month is significant and perhaps your client is doing a website in hopes of getting lots of traffic. Onsite SEO is a requirement that maybe should be discussed with your client. Websites should be beautiful but they are also marketing tools.

The article was written by Carla Dawson founded Posicionamiento Web a leading SEO Agency in Argentina. She believes SEO should be an implicit web design requirement and offers marketing online consulting services. She is originally from the California USA but moved South in 2005.

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