Ordering from essay writing sites – ethical questions?

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Hello, guys! Today’s post doesn’t suit my blog, but this problem concerns me because I’m student, I’m working student and I used to work in essay writing companies. Why? Because I needed money! Do I thing this is ethical? This is hard question. Let’s think about it.

Ethical questions around ordering from essay writing companies are often bandied about, and quite how we should feel about them is unclear. Here are a few ethical pointers on the matter for you to chew over. Whether you think that there are ethical issues with essay writing companies is up to you, but maybe considering the things on this list will help you decide for sure.

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I want to start with WHY I decided to write this article. Long time ago professor Richard Gunderman wrote the article for ‘The Atlantic’ –  Write My Essay, Please!. In this extra-great article Mister Gunderman mentioned quite interesting story. Here it is:

A colleague tells the following story. A student in an undergraduate course recently submitted a truly first-rate term paper. In form, it was extremely well crafted, exhibiting a level of writing far beyond the typical undergraduate. In substance, it did a superb job of analyzing the text and offered a number of trenchant insights. It was clearly A-level work. There was only one problem: It markedly exceeded the quality of any other assignment the student had submitted all semester.

So, there is a question – is this ethical to order essays from third-party sites? The writers on such writing sites usually write essays better than the students – this is the fact. But this is wrong, for sure. Professor Gunderman said that:

These services have names such as College-Paper.org … claims that “70% of Students use Essay Writing service at least once”.

Let’s discuss under what circumstances essay ordering is justified.

Illness during studies

If a student becomes ill during his or her studies, then the student is often forced out of education and left with a lot of debt. Instead of being forced off of a course from missing work and being unable to catch up, a student may use an essay writing service to plug the gaps. The student may then spend time catching up with his or her peers, whilst still being able to maintain a passable grade point average.

Family tragedy during studies

A family tragedy or any sort of tragedy is often widely underestimated by academic institutions, which are quite unforgiving in such matters. A person is expected to cope with this devastating event and still be able to maintain great grades and keep up with other students who are having the times of their lives. An essay writing company may help the student to keep up with his or her studies whilst the pain from the tragedy subsides.

It helps illegal workers

Illegal workers will enter the country on a study visa and then start working untaxed jobs and paying for essays in order to stay in the country a little longer. They not only come away with a lot of their ill gotten money, but they also come away with a qualification from your home country. Even if the illegal worker cannot find a cheap essay writing company, they have been known to go without three square meals in order to pay for it.

Poor quality essay writing services ruin lives

The student desperate enough to cheat with essay writing services may be caught by one of the bad ones. The bad ones will not copy essays from online because they know that the student may figure it out. But, they will happily resell their old essays to new students, so that the student hands in a piece that has already been handed in a bunch of times and ends up being kicked off of the course. The essay writing company sets up a new website for a few dollars and does it all again to another generation of students.

Cheating is so rife that it is hard to compete

This is a very nasty state of affairs that the American and Canadian school system has dug itself into. So many people cheat that it is too difficult to get a high grade if you do not cheat. People are getting essays written by industry experts and geniuses, who are able to score highly. If the student does not wish to dangle off of the grade point average graph, then he or she has to cheat.

Why is so much emphasis put on essays?

If expertise were prized above getting marks then cheating on essays would not be a problem. Studying and learning should be the point of education, so why is so much emphasis put on essays?

Why are not essays simply a way of showing that the student has done the work and is able to write about it, instead of marking the student based on the essay? If essays were not so important to the grade of a student, then students would not have to cheat. Real world knowledge and practical skill building should surly be more important and more emphasized, rather than an essay which is so easy to cheat on.

Why is so much pressure put on students?

The answer is because if you graduate at the top of your class then you are assured a great job. If you do not then you can expect to spend 15 years kissing up to your boss before you are even given a shot at the best jobs. We could blame capitalism, but it is unfair since in places like Britain it is based on what class you are, as oppose to how well you did in school. So, maybe we should blame society for this one, and not the students, academic institutions or essay writing services.

Cheating on essays is an educational institution problem, not the students’

This is a valid point, for example, if a prison allowed people to escape, then would you blame the prisoners for escaping? Sure, there is a question of right and wrong, and how prisoners should want to serve their debt to society, but the world is not all about sunshine and lollypops. If academic institutions are judging people with methods that are easy to manipulate (so that people may cheat), then it is the fault of the academic institution.

I mean, we can say that sites like BestEssayWriter.org are derived product of our education system.

Let us not also forget that even though an academic institution needs to project an image that cheating does not go on and is reprehensible/bad, an academic institution is rewarded for high scoring students. If they cheat to get high scores and do not get caught, then it is in the universities/colleges benefit (even if it does not benefit society in any way). An essay writing service is just one of many ways that a student may manipulate academic institution testing methods for his or her own benefit.

What do you think, hey?..

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