Extra Ways To Promote Your New Blog Content

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You spent your days researching, writing and posting new blog content, but this is not enough. You must promote your blog content using many different ways to see the result of your work. Earlier, I wrote an article about what to do immediately after you’ve published your blog content. Here’s a link to this blog post.

Now we will talk about the popular and lesser-known ways to promote your content. Try and look for the method that is right for you.

blog content promotion

The main blogger commandments

Be Yourself

Never try to imitate someone else. Write in your own and unique style. Do not try on other author’s roles.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Develop your own convenient schedule of publishing new blog content and always try to follow it. Remember, quality over quantity. Of course, there are blogs with a large team of professional writers who can generate 5-6 blog posts a day. But what if you’re a budding blogger and usually write “at the behest of the Muses”? Create one post a week or a month, but do it regularly. This way you will be able to create your circle of regular readers.

Create original images

Create relevant and unique pictures for each new piece of blog content. Do not steal from other blogs, Google takes care of this.
Create unique picture is not like the Mission Impossible. I usually use Picasa or Portable Photoshop. Find relevant picture or screenshot, edit it in mentioned programs, and – voila! – now you have unique image for your blog post.

Pass through fire and water in the cause of promote your blog content

It is not enough to create a good and unique content – content should be promoted. No matter how useful and unique your content is. The main thing is your potential readers need to know about its existence.

Use Social Media to promote blog content

First of all, you should share each new piece of blog content through social media channels.

  • Add the link to your new blog post to your personal and blog Facebook pages, use Facebook ads.
  • Schedule your post on Twitter 3-4 times per day to cover all your followers.
  • Create a board for your blog on Pinterest and pin each new blog post and blog content.
  • Share on your LinkedIn profile and groups.
  • Of course, Google plus is mandatory place to share your new blog content.

Use Bookmarking sites to promote your new blog content

promote blog content bookmarking

These bookmarking sites have more than 2 millions of users. Do not miss this opportunity to talk about your new blog content.

  • Don’t forget to stumbe your posts with StubleUpon.com.
  • Share your blog content with others using Digg.com.
  • Reddit.com is a must have site to promote your content.
  • Delicious.com – your chance to share your content with the world.
  • Technorati.com – the best search engine for blogs. Use it, don’t be shy.

Use your contacts and RSS feed

  • Create email newsletter and add your new blog content in it. Send it to your contacts.
  • You belong to many groups and forums? Great! Share your post with other members.
  • Use Wisestanp.com (I’ve already mentioned this app before – great tool, IMHO). This app will add you latest post to your signature.
  • Add the option to subscribe to your RSS feed.


Use other blogs and their visitors

  • Make post comments with your link on other relevant blogs.
  • Ask relevant bloggers to make a link to your relevant blog content.
  • Reprint it on other relevant sources.
  • Become a member of blog community and make link exchange.

Syndicating your blog content

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